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Quite a lot of restaurants have emerged like wild mushrooms in different communities nowadays. Thanks to the growing economies of many developing countries, a lot of people have decided to venture into various kinds of businesses in order to generate an income entirely their own. A lot of young professionals have also preferred to work independently and away from the mundane life of corporate jobs. On the other hand, people are paid better in their jobs, which gives them the luxury of eating out more than ever before. And this is where the huge market for restaurants and other food places comes from.

If you are one of the individuals trying to make a good business out of this new lifestyle and you’re looking for the best restaurant menu design to go with your food business, then you have come to the right place. Here, we present a list of the best restaurant menu templates that you can use or find inspiration from. A pre-built restaurant menu might be a cheap solution compared to an original one, but with the thousands of templates with a variety of styles and awesome modern features available on the Internet nowadays, you are guaranteed to be able to create a beautiful restaurant menu on your own.

So, here they are. With lots of high-quality food visuals and customization capabilities, these restaurant menu templates are designed with the purpose of impressing your customers at first glance and making that impression last long enough for them to come back or recommend your place to their family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Scroll down and enjoy these templates. Do not forget to click on the download button once you have found “The One”.

Chalkboard Asian Restaurant Menu Template

chalkboard asian restaurant menu template
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  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

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Asian Restaurant Menu Template

asian restaurant menu template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Simple Asian Restaurant Menu Template

simple asian restaurant menu template
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Classic Food Menu


To start with, here is a classic menu template that is inspired by a vintage look as characterized by the brown paper background and retro typography. It can be used as a regular restaurant menu or a special event menu for weddings and parties with a bohemian or rustic theme. It comes in both AI and PSD files with well-organized layers so it is fully editable.

Restaurant Menu


Next is this classic restaurant menu template with a modern twist, thanks to its grid-based layout and integration of close-up food images. This template has a bright and bold color palette which is perfect for family restaurants or fast food chains. A fully layered PSD template, it is easy to alter the text and colors as well as customize the images in vector formats.

Art Deco Menu Template


Pub Menu Template


Seafood Menu Template


Simple Breakfast Menu Template


Restaurant Food Table Tent Menu Template


Fast Food Menu


Then, we have this awesome fast food and small restaurant menu template with a dazzling design and modern layout that will surely catch your potential customer’s attention. Although the fonts and images are not included in the package, the template still comes with fully layered Photoshop files and a help text file to help you set it up and customize your menu design.

Modern Restaurant Menu


With a modern and clean look, this restaurant menu boasts of its flexible customization options as well as versatile functionality. This modern restaurant menu features fully layered PSD files for easy customization and well-organized print-ready files for easy set-up. It also includes a custom restaurant logo, commercial fonts, two menu sizes, a business card, and a help file.

Elegant Food Menu


For your high-end food places and classy restaurants, here is an elegant menu style with a clean layout and a dark rustic color scheme. It comes with seven pages, two table tents, and a personal card template to make sure all your needs are covered. The accompanying file is very well-organized, so it is easy to customize this template as well as change its content.

Restaurant Menu Template


Another clean and elegant restaurant menu, this fully editable template has a unique and modern approach to its design. It features a column-based layout where you can arrange your content in a very organized way. Its large image areas allow you to insert high-quality images of your menu which is highlighted by a clean white background with lots of negative spaces.

Tri-fold Restaurant Menu


Next is a unique tri-fold menu template especially created for restaurants and other food places. It presents a sophisticated and professional feel but with an economical design as you don’t have to use a number of pages to fill in your content, which results in reducing your cost. The template is highly customizable with four layered PSD files and free fonts. It also comes in a two-fold version.

Kids’ Restaurant Menu


Kids’ restaurants have also been gaining popularity nowadays, so here is a bright and colorful menu template that kids will surely enjoy as much as the food these places are offering. With a rainbow-colored background, interesting illustrations, and an easily editable design, you will definitely have kids asking their parents for some of your treats.

Yellow Restaurant Menu


Then, we have this restaurant menu template with a dominant yellow color scheme which looks clean and fresh, perfect for organic restaurants and food joints serving healthy dishes and drinks such as salads and fruit juices. It can also be used for fast food chains or food kiosks by simply changing some of its elements through a fully editable and well-organized PSD file.

Vintage Restaurant Menu


Here is a vintage menu template that will surely draw any food lover’s attention, not for its delicious-looking images but for its unique color block style. It’s perfect for specialty restaurants, themed coffee shops, small cafes, grill bars, and others with its fun and classy style. The template comes in a ready-to-print style that is very easy to use and customize.

Typography Restaurant Menu


Just like chalkboards, typography and calligraphy style graphic designs are so trendy nowadays. So here is a stylish restaurant menu template made of typographic texts which provides a sumptuous feast for the eyes just like the delicious offerings of your restaurant. It comes in two versions, black and white, for you to choose so it matches your brand image well.

Asian Restaurant Menu


Designed especially for Asian restaurants, this restaurant menu design template is integrated with a number of Asian-related elements like the dragon image, fonts, flourishes, and color choices, among others. It also comes in both red and green versions to perfectly represent the various Asian cuisines you are offering. It is easy to edit using the well-organized, layered file.

Modern Restaurant Menu


Another modern restaurant menu template, this item presents a dark color scheme with a black-colored background which is a great way to promote your dishes in the high-quality background. The clean and simple layout also helps highlight the content of your menu more. It comes in a Photoshop PSD file and uses Smart Object so it is easy to use and customize.

Family Restaurant Menu


This family restaurant menu template is the perfect solution to extend your business marketing strategy and provide a menu design that matches your brand image. With a clean layout, bright color scheme, and exciting fonts, this template will surely tickle the fancy of every family member as they drive to your parking space and spend their night at your food place.

Mexican Food Menu


A unique and colorful restaurant theme that is perfectly suitable to use in presenting your authentic Mexican food offerings. This template boasts of a bright and bold aesthetic that will definitely keep your customers interested. It is completely customizable with easy-to-use page layouts and graphics files, along with the other elements included in the package.

Seafood Restaurant Menu


Next is a modern and elegant menu template for seafood restaurants. It has a clean and well-organized layout with lots of white space to showcase high-quality images of your dishes and other offerings. Your customers will certainly have a hard time resisting the full-color graphics elements that this template includes which are easy to use and customize.

American Dinner Menu


Hamburgers, hot dogs, and shakes are just some of the American food staples which are very easy to market all around the world, especially if you use this American diner menu template. It comes in a half-fold layout with a bright red and blue color scheme, full-color graphics files, high-quality photos, original logo designs, and other artwork materials.

Sushi Restaurant Menu


With a dark and creative restaurant menu design, this template is specifically made for sushi bars and restaurants as it incorporates the Japanese minimal design aesthetic with its dark background and subtle color highlights. It also features an interesting graphic design with its mirrored sushi images that will surely catch the attention of all sushi lovers out there.

BBQ Restaurant Menu


To end this list, here is a BBQ restaurant menu template that will surely help your barbecue food haven attract more customers and keep them coming back for more. With a design that will certainly appeal to the visual senses of your customers and, most especially, stimulate their gastronomic appetites, you are definitely going to win with this template.

So, there you have it. We hope that you were able to find what you were looking for with this interesting collection of restaurant menu templates. For more ideas and inspiration, you can also check out our collection of beautiful and creative restaurant flyers.

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