9 Fantastic Seafood Menu Designs


Seafood is one of the most delicious types of food you can eat. Seafood is not just limited to fish, but the entire animal kingdom living within the ocean can be all considered as edible (well, mostly). They can also be cooked in multiple ways (grilled, broiled, fried, steamed, seared, etc.) and can be combined with other dishes and ingredients as well (such as pork, beef, vegetables, and fruits to name a few).

Seafood restaurants are very popular and never go out of style. As long as the food they serve to customers are fresh and cooked right and the establishment has an ambiance that can make customers relax while enjoying their food, then customers will keep coming back.

As in other restaurants, seafood restaurants need menus to showcase their extensive seafood lineup. Without menus, customers would get confused about what food to order and this could cause some serious headaches for the restaurant’s staff and management team. Menus are not only created to inform customers but give a marketing boost to the restaurant as well.

If you own a seafood restaurant or you are planning to start a restaurant, here are some fantastic seafood menu templates you can use that will surely be a hit with both loyal and new customers.

Seafood Menu Template

seafood mock up 767x537 e1510652299632

This template uses an image of a whole fish and is complemented by a blue and white background.

Modern Restaurant Menu Template

modern restaurant mock up 767x537 e1510652264684

This multipurpose menu wonderfully uses a black background and an image of a salad. Edit this template to fit your own seafood restaurant.

Tri-fold Sushi Menu Template


Most sushi are considered as seafood. Use this tri-fold sushi restaurant menu template if you are serving sushi in your restaurant.

Coastal Theme Lobster Menu


Lobsters are some of the most delicious seafood. Either steamed, grilled, or baked, lobsters retain that salty yet fresh taste. This menu template uses lobster images placed on the top corner of the menu. A cute font design is then used for the text.

Why are menus important?

It is a known fact that restaurants cannot function well without a menu. Any piece of material that shows the restaurant’s dishes and its corresponding prices is already considered a menu. A missing restaurant menu can be likened to a student who forgot to bring his pen to school or a computer that doesn’t have a keyboard; one cannot function well without the other.

Menus have been used in restaurants for the longest time. The first menu designs were not even given to each customer as they were only displayed or written on the restaurant’s entrance or at an area inside the restaurant where customers can see it. The restaurant’s dishes were written in large bold text and customers would just read it aloud to the server or cook. Although that still applies today especially for small food stalls, fast food chains, and food trucks where there is no need for multiple people taking orders from customers, technology has contributed to the rise of menus and the convenience they bring to both the restaurants and customers. Over the years, menus have also become very attractive and elegant as they can even pass for an art piece that can be mounted in a museum. Restaurant owners or even third-party designers are using online graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make the most stunning blank menu designs.

Aside from informing the customer what dishes the restaurant is serving, menus are also effective marketing tools that assist the restaurant in gaining more visibility so it will eventually earn more income. A well-designed menu that has the right amount of detail can easily attract customers and make them return to the restaurant multiple times. Although this is not to say that menus are more important than the actual food the restaurant is selling, menus are just extensions of the restaurant’s aesthetics together with the theme the restaurant is using (for example, using a Mexican theme, Chinese theme, or vintage retro theme, to name a few).

Seafood Chalkboard Menu

untitled 1  e1510715174660

This seafood menu template uses a chalkboard design with the text and the seafood images.

Wedding Food Menu


This wedding food menu template has an elegant design that can also be used for your own seafood restaurant. A white background is complemented with black calligraphy for the text. Edit this template and add images for added aesthetic appeal.

Seafood Menu


This seafood menu template uses some beautiful pencil-sketched seafood images and is complemented by a light blue background on the upper portion of the menu template.

Seafood Menu Illustrator Template


This seafood menu template uses a beautifully designed icon on the cover page. Insert your seafood restaurant logo inside the icon and fill up the menu with your restaurant details.

Asian Food Menu

13  e1510715056366

This is another multipurpose menu that you can use for your restaurant. If you are serving some Asian-style seafood dishes, then this menu template is great for you. Most Asian dishes are fried or pan-seared, which bring out the best flavors of the ingredients. This template uses Japanese-style art with a white and red color combination.

Tips on designing seafood menu templates

These tips are not meant only for seafood menus but for other types of menus as well. After you have made your online template purchase or you are just starting to develop a concept for the menu, read these tips on how to design menu templates that will benefit your restaurant in the long run.

Use food photography

One of the best ways to entice your customers is by featuring the photos of your top or best-selling dishes on the menu. Using food photography is also one of the most effective ways to retain your customers as both the image of the dish they are eating and the photos used in the menu will register in their heads and make them think about it frequently until their next visit to your establishment.

Do not limit yourself to a single photo in the menu. Group your dishes into categories (appetizers, entrees, soups, desserts, etc.) and choose the dishes you want to take a photo of and insert them into the menu. Additionally, high-resolution photos will have a more visual impact on the customers as the ingredients seen in the photos are much clearer and more detailed.

Limit the use of text

Some restaurants tend to overuse text in the menu. Aside from the name of the dish and its corresponding price, they add descriptions to each dish making the menu a little bit wordy. Avoid making the menu a mini-novel and only limit the menu text to the restaurant name, dishes, and their prices. Rely on photos when customers make the order and let your servers or waiters do the job of describing the dish when customers have inquiries on what ingredients were used in that particular dish or how the dish will be served.

Mix and match colors

The best menu designs are the ones that have color. Steer clear from the usual black and white combinations and use some red, blue or yellow combinations in your menu. But if you really insist on using black and white, add a third color to make the design come to life.

Use colors that match the theme of your restaurant. For example, if you are serving some spicy Mexican dishes use some red, green, and white color combinations with your vintage menu design. The said colors represent Mexico’s national colors as well as the colors in most of their dishes (tacos, burritos, nachos, salsa, etc.). Use colors that capture the vibe of your restaurant and make the menus an extension of your restaurant’s concept.

Use rustic or ocean-themed designs

For seafood restaurants, the best menu designs to use are rustic or ocean-themed designs. Ocean-themed designs are a no-brainer. Rustic designs, meanwhile, are a good fit for seafood restaurants as rustic designs mostly revolve around wooden and natural concepts. Using a wooden design in a seafood restaurant menu looks very attractive and complements the ocean or sea atmosphere of the restaurant.

For ocean-themed designs, meanwhile, there is no limit on how they can be implemented in the menu. The options are endless. You can use an ocean image for the background design, or images of seafood cartoons within the menu pages, or even use images related to fishing like a net, rod, bait, or fishing boat.

There you go with some fantastic seafood designs you can use for your seafood restaurant. They are all attractive and affordable so make a purchase now!

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