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What Is an Accountant Cover Letter?

In general terms, a cover letter, or also known as a motivation letter, is a comprehensive letter written by an applicant of a particular job application, expressing his or her will to fulfill that specific role. In this manner, an accountant cover letter is a cover letter to be used specifically by an aspiring accountant to work in an accounting office. Unlike resumes that bullet-list your credentials, a cover letter helps you sell yourself in a paragraph, brief narrative forms.

How to Write a Job-Winning Accountant Cover Letter

Considering that your accountant cover letter, together with your resume, are the first papers your hiring managers will see upon you, it's crucially important to give yourself the best foot forward. Your accountant cover letter should impress up to the highest possible chance for your hiring managers so you can get yourself interviewed eventually. With that being said, start it off by reviewing these vital key points in writing a job-winning accountant cover letter.

1. Mind the Format

Before writing down your accountant cover letter, you must ensure yourself to be clearly aware of the format, or parts of a cover letter. Unlike any other letters, your cover letter is a formal letter. In line with that, you may refer to a sample business letter format. On top of that, make sure you are using simple, clean font faces such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Tahoma. Commonly, sizes should be at 12 points.

2. Name the Recipient

To gain more impression from the hiring managers, it will be better if you specifically name or greet the recipient of the addressee of your accountant cover letter. Instead of just "Dear Hiring Manager," know and place his or her name on it. And if the hiring manager has professional titles such as Atty., Dr., Engr., Ph.D., or M.A/S, do not forget to include these as well accordingly. Always get an assurance of the spelling. If unfamiliar, do not hesitate to call for assistance from anybody you may know from the office. You may also go to their assistance desk.

3. Showcase Your Duties and Accomplishments

The body of your accountant cover letter may be one of the most crucial components of its entire composition. In your body, entail only of what are the relevant previous experiences you had. So you can provide a better presentation, you may want to look into the job hiring post or job description and see what the general and unique competencies they are looking for. From there, showcase your past duties and accomplishments accordingly in your cover letter, appealing that you can efficiently address their needs in an accountant. Moreso, make sure that you will not sound arrogant. Plus, do not make your accountant cover letter over lengthy.

4. End with a Lasting Impression

Upon ending your accountant cover letter, make sure that you can leave a mark since it will be your last chance to persuade, at least through that cover letter. To do so, remain to sound professional and with positive energy. Your last paragraph will be the part when you offer your contact details for them to reach you. The same nature in marketing. This can be your so-called, "Call to Action" statements. With that, your last paragraph should be engaging. Do not state in a generic way as it promptly denotes into a lousy tone.

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