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How to Create a Chalkboard Business Card?

A chalkboard business card is a small card that contains information about a company. Details are written or typed like on a chalkboard surface.

Because of its appealing style and creativity, chalkboard art spread quickly throughout the world. It is used in various ways, such as menus. It can also be used in your simple business card. This can be a unique and creative design that will certainly stimulate people's interest in you and your service. If you are an architect, tutor a teacher, it is best used in your field. To give you tips on how to craft a chalkboard business card, take time to read and understand the instructions provided below.

1. List Down Necessary Details

This is the most important element that must be emphasized on your chalkboard business card. Business cards contain personal details. At least include the following: your complete name, your business name, your job title, your contact details, and even your website. There are other pieces of information you may want to add such as your logo, business tagline, social media accounts, QR Code, and professional certifications.

2. Use Color Minimally

Since you are to craft a chalkboard sample business card, you have to utilize color minimally. Chalkboard designs usually have two colors particularly black and white. You may think it is old-fashioned but that's how chalkboard design works. Classic chalkboard usually has a retro and vintage style. You can also turn it into a modern style. Make sure that your chalkboard business card matches your brand.

3. Use a Chalkboard Font Style

Using a chalkboard font style will surely add meaning to your creative business card. Your choice of typefaces should be readable enough. Avoid using playful font styles that disrupt the information. There are plenty of suggested rustic font styles online when you consider using a chalkboard design.

4. Download Suitable Pre-made Chalkboard Business Card Template

In order for you to save time in planning for your chalkboard business card, you can download it. Browse the internet and research for applicable example that suits your needs. For added convenience, check out this website. We offer high-quality chalkboard business card templates and see it for yourself.

5. Plan for Paper Type, Finish and Size

It is also an important matter to decide on what kind of paper ideas you are going to choose. For you to really have a compelling and sturdy business card, it would be better for you to use a signature option (or 115 lb, 16 pt card stock). It provides a good thickness and it is cost-effective. For your card coating, apply the matte finish rather than the glossy one. This alternative is great for a more classic vibe. It is highly recommended if your sample business card only contains the text. Choosing your paper stock or cardstock must be of high-quality that can withstand any printing methods. We suggest that you maintain the standard business card size (3.5 "x 2") as it will not be easily misplaced.

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