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What is a Charity Flyer?

A charity flyer is a single-page unfolded leaflet that includes basic pieces of information about a charity event that would encourage people to volunteer, donate or come to the event. This is the most effective yet cheapest way of advertising a charity event as it would immediately catch the attention of the reader and would possibly encourage them to participate in such a good event like a charity event. It can be distributed in the street, rack cards, mailbox or even emails.

How to Make a Charity Flyer?

As the main purpose of a charity event, to collect funds for a certain charity, a cheap way to advertise would be the option and a simple flyer is one of the main resorts for this. As a fundraiser, making a charity flyer personally can convey a message that you are sincere as to what you do and that would be felt by the reader. It would give a sense of aspiration to help those who are in need and so to achieve that, here are helpful techniques that you require in order for you to formulate and make your own charity flyer.

1. Make it Eyecatching

There is no other way to catch the attention of your reader but by a prominent headline. It is arguably the most important part of your charity flyer. You only have seconds to grab the attention of the potential volunteer or donator before they would decide to toss it out or keep it. There are various ways in making your headline but one of the easiest and most effective ways is to stick as to what would be your main goal — for charity. Find the most beneficial part of volunteering, attending and sponsoring a charity event and place it in front.

2. Consider the Reader's Point-of-View

Pretend that you are a reader. Identify what you want to see in a charity event, the benefits, and the benefactor of the charity event. Do not just list as to what would impress the reader but rather make it relatable. Also, remember not to use too many jargons on the sample flyer layout as it would turn off the reader.

3. Use Testimonies

Use some words from your benefactor of the charity event. A credible statement can be really effective when you want to persuade people to attend your charity event. A short, snappy and authentic statement would do to speak for the goal of your event flyer.

4. Call them to Action

What exactly do you want in your reader? Be a volunteer? Sponsor the charity? Attend the event? Do not leave any room for ambiguity as it would cause confusion to the reader. Make your call to action clear and place it somewhere in your charity flyer that would be noticed or you can place it near a statement that details the benefit of the reader if they will attend, sponsor or volunteer. Be sure to leave contact numbers for a further question about your charity event.

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