Goal Planner Templates

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They say, for you to succeed, you must first establish a goal. And indeed, it’s true. A goal can be short or long-term. But what happens to your goal when you don't do the necessary actions to achieve it? Unfortunately, it will forever remain an aspiration. So, take control of your decisions and focus on your ambitions. With that, track your progress. Now, fulfill your yearly goals by jotting all of them down using our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Goal Planner Templates in Word and Pages. Get your copy in (US) 8.5x11 or (A4) 8.7x11.69 inches + Bleed. Conveniently plot your action plan and execute it. Slowly, make progress and attain what you aim for. Download a template now!

What is a Goal Planner?

A goal planner, typically called a journal, is a record that consists of objectives with the actions all along to achieve a successful plan. It serves as a document where one tracks down progress and accomplishments. It typically involves a daily, weekly, or even a long term monthly goal. 

How to Create a Goal Planner

Have you set your goal for the next few months to come? Planning has always been part of human existence. Perhaps, planning is fun until everything else gets complicated. During the 15th century, diaries were first used for financial accounts purposes. Today, workbooks and journals are typically used for goal setting and goal tracking. But 92% of the population don’t precisely follow what they plan for. According to, at least 8% of individuals are goal-driven. This only suggests that personal goals don’t attract people in this fast-paced environment. 

But if you are part of the 8% population who likes keeping a written planner, then this is the right website for you. That is why we help you create a Goal Planner. Now, achieve your dreams by following the list of tips below. 

1. Set Your Priorities 

Avoid jumping into the action plan without knowing what your goals are. Always start by setting a list of priorities. Take note of what matters the most. This could include fitness, health, or study goals. Here, you’ll need to keep this procedure simple. Know what you want yourself to improve. Focus on where exactly you want your time and money to invest in. 

2. Prepare More Accurate Visuals 

Now, make your plans more visually motivating. With that said, it’s time to design your layout. But before that, ensure that you have a theme in mind. This allows you to achieve a consistent look for your planner. Become more comfortable by choosing the software or application where you want to create your planner. Prepare many pages enough to cater to your needs. On each page, create tables. Divide them into rows and columns. Make sure to supply the correct labels to avoid confusion later on. Other than that, secure to label them with the appropriate table headings. Either it’s for habit tracker, monthly reflection, or brain dump. You can put anything that will be necessary for you. 

3. Transfer all Your Goals and To-Do Lists 

It’s now time to complete your content! But don’t rush. Here, fill out all the tables with your plans. Alongside, incorporate the action plan that you should do to accomplish your goals. Consider citing the pending goals. Then, indicate the necessary actions to fulfill them. It’s best if you can specify the timeline of how long a specific goal is to be achieved. In this way, you’ll have an overview of what you should prioritize more. 

4. Unleash Your Creativity 

It’s essential to make your planner is visually pleasing in the eyes. Make all your notes extra exciting to go through. So for the designs, modify the colors of the background. Incorporate design elements that blend into your preferences. In the front cover, you can add your contact information. This secures to get returned if, in any case, it gets lost. 

5. Adjust, Finalize and Accomplish 

Finalize your work before printing your document. It’s fundamentally essential to see if you missed something. Make the necessary adjustments, especially with its readability and organization. Now, print when done. Or, keep a digital copy. Start accomplishing your goals!