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What Is an RSVP Invitation Card?

An RSVP is the acronym for the French phrase, Réspondez, s'il Vous plaÎt which translates to "please respond." This is commonly seen in modern invitations when the event host wants to determine the attendees and non-attendees. When you are sent one, you are expected to respond to whether you are attending or not immediately. Some of the events that require RSVPs are wedding invitations, class reunions, fancy dinners, and many more.

You'll need proper wording for your RSVPs. To create the appropriate wedding RSVP wording or invitation wordings in general, you can search for examples online.

After eight weeks, 80% of the recipients will submit their RSVPs. Whereas, 57.6% of the recipients will send within five weeks (once the invitation is received). If you are the event host, you may indicate in the invitation to respond to the RSVP immediately. It is also advisable to send your sample invitations in person or through the mail because it might get lost in the emails of your recipients.

How to Create an RSVP Invitation Card?

If you are having an event and you need your guests to RSVP, then you'll need our tips below on how to create one.

1. Use a Template for Your Convenience

Here at, we are committed to providing you professionally-designed RSVP Invitation Card Templates. Choose from our wide array of templates to use for your event. And want to know what's better? It's all for free and also customizable! Modify our templates to suit your liking.

2. Put a Deadline for the Responses

Just like the statistics have shown, some guests have no sense of urgency. Urge them to hasten their responses by putting a deadline into your simple invitation card. Emphasize this by using a different and larger font, italicizing it, etc. You may use a different design for this one to attract your readers.

3. Provide Your Contact Information

Provide contact information where your guests can RSVP. Provide different methods where they can RSVP, may it be through text or call, through social media, etc. You can also advise them to send the invitation back (with a return envelope). Also, double-check if you have provided the correct phone number.

4. Provide the Important Information

These are the details of your event, such as the purpose of the event, date, location, and attire. Do not forget to review the invitation to erring or lacking information. You can ask someone's help when it comes to reviewing this.

5. Emphasize the Importance of Your Guests' Response to the Invitation

To add another sense of urgency, state the reason why they should RSVP. You may indicate, "Please RSVP so we can prevent the shortage of chairs" or, "Please respond so we can provide sufficient food for everyone."

6. Send Out Your Invitations Several Weeks Before the Event

Your guests have their appointments as well. For your event to be incorporated into their schedules, send your invitations in advance. This way, they won't forget about your event and will regularly see this in their calendars. This will give you enough time to prepare the necessary preparations for the people who have confirmed their attendance.

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