November is finally here, and Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. You’ll know it's that time of the year again once you see yellow and orange leaves falling from trees. The smell of pumpkin spice will surely excite you. Time to sacrifice and give thanks for the harvest received and for the upcoming blessing for the preceding year. The time when families and friends gather, so invite your family and friends over for a simple, and classy lunch or dinner. Pick from our array of high-quality and printable Thanksgiving invitations. All of these are downloadable for free. These Printable Card Templates save you time and help with your design needs.

What Is A Thanksgiving Invitation?

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in the United States, celebrated every fourth Thursday of November. It indicates the beginning of the holiday season. An invitation is an act of inviting a person to go to a particular place or do something. When you ask someone to celebrate Thanksgiving with you, that is called a Thanksgiving invitation.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Invitation

According to a survey made by the National Turkey Federation, there are about 88 percent out of 100 Americans that eat turkey every Thanksgiving. People all over the United States look forward to this day. Once the fall starts, they usually find themselves excited about the upcoming celebration. They then start inviting people to come over by sending Thanksgiving potluck invitations, Thanksgiving lunch invitations, or Thanksgiving dinner invitations. Here is how to make one.

1. Decide on a Design

Think of what you want your card should look like and start from there. You can choose from our hundreds of Thanksgiving card templates to make the process easier and less hassle. We have different designs available, starting from simple designs down to cute, rustic, and classy ones.

2. Pick the Right Size

When it comes to invitation cards, the standard size is 4x6 inches. The 4x6 inches is the best choice for birthdays and christenings. Events like weddings and other formal functions, on the other hand, make use of 5x7 inches. When choosing a size, make sure you consider all the other factors like how big the font is, the designs you will be putting in, and many more.

3. Input your Details.

The questions: what, where, and when should be answered here. What are you trying to celebrate, where will this take place, and where is it going to be? This part is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your personality. You need to be creative with your words. Do your research to gain the right knowledge, which will help create great punchlines. You can get inspiration on the internet. Remember, the information inputted on your Thanksgiving Day template should be clear. Do not forget any information.

4. Add your Designs

When adding designs, make sure that they incorporate the theme that you want. Consider adding colorful pictures as they look more inviting. Keep in mind that photos, especially colorful pictures, attract people. Your holiday template should look elegant. Be careful with the colors you select for your background and fonts. Remember, fonts should be in darker colors, while the background are light in colors.

5. Review your Invitation

You are almost there. Before printing out your final invitation template, carefully review all the details first. It is crucial to review your work so you can make changes if you are not satisfied with the outcome or if there are some mistakes. You would not want to start all over again just because you forgot something, or there was a mistake after you have printed out your Thanksgiving cards. Print them out only after you have already reviewed it, and once you are satisfied with it.

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