One of the most exciting things about Thanksgiving is the food. Whether you are throwing a one-time event or incorporating this holiday theme to your business, you will have to use a menu so your guests can have an idea of what they will have. If you want an easy way to make a Thanksgiving based menu, then you have come to the right place! Available in Illustrator, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher for download. With any of the templates from our choices of Free Ready-Made Thanksgiving Menu Templates, you will be able to craft one with ease thanks to its hassle-free features. With its great features, downloading this will surely help make a delightful menu. Get started by getting this now!

What is a Thanksgiving Menu?

As all menus do, this is a marketing tool that presents customers with what food is being served and helping them decide what to choose and buy. What makes this type of menu different is that a Thanksgiving Menu incorporates the theme of the holiday into the menu’s design. The menu would often include the images of staple food associated with the day such as a turkey, mash potatoes and pie. The menu is often used in restaurants, diners and other eateries with a Thanksgiving theme.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Menu

Ever since the first Thanksgiving Day in the year 1914, it has become an annual celebration in the United States to this day. Thanksgiving isn't just all about food but it is also a day where loved ones and family gather together to be thankful for all the good things they have and celebrate, hence the name. If you want to make your menu get everyone excited for the food, here are some tips on how to make it look extra special.

1. Plot & Organize

Meals on Thanksgiving Day traditionally consist of a lot of varieties of food and drinks. Classics include turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Once you have decided what dishes you will be serving, the next thing to do is to organize everything. What's important for your customers to have an easy time reading and navigating through your menu so that they can easily decide what to order. Through proper planning, you can avoid making a confusing menu for your customers and allow you to present with mouth water inducing menu.

2. Use Thanksgiving Aesthetics

Since your menu is designed for a Thanksgiving dinner/lunch event, then you might as well embrace it entirely and incorporate the theme into your menu design. Include fall season imagery like autumn leaves. And use the colors of Thanksgiving which are red (for the cranberries), brown (for the turkey), yellow (for corn), and orange (for the pumpkin). Thanks to our template's editable features your theme can range from fancy to elegant, any way you prefer. With these aesthetics included it will definitely get your customers in the mood once they see the menu.

3. Include Delightful Imagery

Include pictures and graphics to your menu to make it come to life. You may include a photo of the food you serve so that customers can see what the dish looks like. You can incorporate it in a small photo or put it as a background on your menu. Use your Thanksgiving theme as a guide to decide what type of photos to include. With the customizable features of our template, you won’t have any difficulties doing that. You may also add some other designs into the menu such as a logo if you are running a business. Doing this entices the customers and makes them want to order.

4. Double Check the Details

Once you have completed the final draft, take the time to look through it in case you've missed any details or made any misspellings and such. Once you're sure the menu has no mistakes, you can print it out and implement the menu and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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