Cute home pets. Beautifully furred skins and well-honed whiskers. Playful housemates. But fish thieves. Have you guessed what they are? Yes, they are cats indeed. For cat lovers, there will always be a room for their kitty side, even with events, such as parties, they can boldly make it a cat-themed party. If you are a cat lover desiring to have a kitty ambiance in your parties, why not hand out first invitation cards? Have them in line with the theme also with our Kitty Party Invitation templates that are now out! Print there copies in 4x6 or 5x7 inches with Bleed and portrait orientation style. Start distributing them now!

How to Make a Kitty Party Invitation

It’s not rare to see people who are obsessed with cats. But we also have to consider the fact that some are allergic to them. Why not invite them to an event where they will not be triggered by their allergy? Invite them to your cat-themed party with invitation cards. Make it now with the guide steps below.

1. Plot the Party Details

Make it clear to your invitees why the party is themed kitty by putting the name of the event on the invitation. Maybe it’s your daughter’s birthday or you’re holding a costume party, release this information on the invitation. Don’t forget to provide the definite address and schedule of the party. You don’t want to stray the cats. Even if you will be designing the invitation with kittens or cats, still inform in a written note that attendees’ dress code will be anything that resembles cats. Compose a speech that will introduce all these details. Set it in an inviting tone.

2. Add Call to Action Details

The headcount of attendees at any party is unknown. You can’t guess who among the people you invited will attend the party and who will not. So it is better to give an instructional call to action details. Include the person who will be assigned as the point of contact and his or her contact information. Putting this standard for the party will help you get everything for the party prepared and organized. Entail a deadline for the submission of the invitees’ responses if necessary. Inform them ahead as you hand them out the invitation so they would be aware.

3. Apply the Kitty Theme on the Invitation

Let’s do your favorite part in making this invitation. Let’s place the cute kitty designs. Search the web for cute kitty background designs. Paste your chosen design as the invitation template’s background. If, for example, you want to use your daughter’s favorite cat cartoon character, Hello Kitty, arrange her as the main design of the invitation card. Or resort to this quicker and smarter idea, grab from our cute kitty party invitation templates above! They are ready-made with your favorite kitty designs with suggestive text invitation contents that you can easily edit to place this party’s details.

4. Seal the Invitation with Finalizations

Format the font style of the texts to match the kitty-themed invitation. Organize their font sizes as well. Make sure that it will be readable by not only your daughter’s friends, but also by their guardians. Check the correctness of every detail on the invitation card. When everything’s final, print out copies as many as the list of invitees. Use a suitable printing material for the card. Using a substandard paper will not make the invitation last until the party, especially if you will be looking for these for admitting the attendees in the party hall. Place it in an envelope so you can present this as a present to your invitee as well because it will always be a great privilege to be invited to a private event like a birthday.

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