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What is a Student Certificate?

A student certificate is an artistical award certificate for an outstanding student for the appreciation and recognition of his/her excellent academic performance and achievement. However, student certificates are also awarded to students for their good behaviors in school, such as having perfect attendance and being attentive during class. But this is only common in nursery and kindergarten schools. It's in high school and college where student certificates are mostly awarded to students for their academic excellence, such as being a top 10 student or a part of the dean's list.

How to Create a Student Certificate?

A student who's about to receive a student certificate from your faculty is certainly a hardworking and well-deserving recipient. That thought is a reason enough for you to create an elegant creative certificate that compliments well with the student's excellence. So to help you with that, we have gathered a few tips on how to create a student certificate.

1. Select a Design That Fits Well

What this first tip intends to convey is too choose a design that fits with the student's educational level. Say for instance your custom certificate is for a kindergarten student's exemplary performance in reading, then what you can do is select a design that's fun to look upon with bright colors, a cartoonish star, and clip arts of books as the background. For high school and college students, the design of their certificates must have a professional appearance since their current educational level is training them to become professionals in the near future. Moreover, selecting a design won't be a hassle if you utilize printable certificate templates with appropriate default designs. (e.g. top student certificate templates, student awards certificate templates)

2. Emphasize The Certificate's Title

Is the certificate an academic excellence recognition? Good behavior recognition? A best in Math, Science, or English recognition? Such questions will be answered by your certificate's upper part, just right above the student's name. Here are some examples of how you should write it: "Academic Excellence Certificate", "Best in Algebra and Geometry". You can opt to use artistic fonts for the title

3. Enlarge The Student's Name

The student is the main character if you were to imagine the certificate as a movie. So with that in mind, it should be the most conceivable text on the school certificate at first glance. For that to happen, you must enlarge the font of the student's name until it's the largest text on the certificate. You should also consider using artistic fonts if you deem it fit.

4. Write a Short Summary About The Student's Achievements

Below the recipient's name is where the short summary of his/her achievement must be found. There's no need for it to be wordy. It should just be straight to the point on what the student did to deserve the certificate. And lastly, the short summary must end stating the date of when the student received the sample certificate.

5. Print Using Special Papers and Frame It

When printing certificates of any kind, using a special paper is always a must. Keep in mind that a certificate is a special document of gratitude and appreciation certificate, especially a student certificate. Hence, it should be made in the most special way possible, and using special papers to print it is one of those ways. Plus it's best to frame it due to the fact that some students may want to hang it on the walls of their house or display it inside their cabinet of trophies.

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