Whether you are a designer or student, if you are tasked to prepare a student magazine frame, you have stopped at the right place. Here, at Template.net, we have made various student magazine templates with suggestive headings, artwork, and graphics. Every template is made looking after the type of needs students of different academic stages require. The collection includes periodical, themed, concept, and different purpose magazines useful for all institution students. They are all editable, shareable, and printable for your quick and easy use. They are also available in multiple file formats like MS Word, Apple Pages, PSD, InDesign, and Publisher. You also have a choice of trial before buying any with money by choosing the FREE samples from the first row. What are you waiting for then? Get access to our PRO gallery by hitting that red button now!

What Templates Can Help in making Student Magazine?

A student magazine is compiled with inputs contributed by students. It contains articles, blogs, news, or other content written by them. Students also make other types of contributions in these magazines like photographs, doodles, or other art pieces. Presenting this type of piece to a public platform or in public access requires proper designing and compiling a proper frame. If you are also assigned this task, choose an editing software that you are most comfortable in and start with preparing the magazine cover page. It must be of a kind that represents the sole message of the magazine. Design the acknowledgment page, table of the content page, and frames for each content on each page. Also, put some pictures of students contributing by giving content or performing in any event. Or, you only prepare the content to be put in the magazine and we are giving you the frames and outlines prepared. We have mentioned the names of some templates that would help you with the same in your student magazine preparation task.

  • Modern Student Magazine Templates.

  • Printable Student Magazine Templates.

  • Minimal Student Magazine Templates.

  • Creative Student Magazine Templates.

  • Simple Student Magazine Templates.

  • Layout Student Magazine Templates.

  • Student News Magazine Templates.

  • Professional Student Magazine Templates.

  • Student Annual Magazine Templates.

  • Student Article Magazine Templates.

  • Student Campaign Magazine Templates.

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