Tea Party Invitations Templates

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How to Design a Tea Party Invitation 

After King Charles II married Catharine of Braganza of Spain, sharing a hot cup of tea became a popular past time in England. Catharine used to invite her friends in her room to drink tea with her. Eventually, in the 18th century, drinking tea in the garden became popular with fashionable ladies and gentlemen. And during the 1830s, afternoon tea was popularized by Anne, the Duchess of Bedford. Today, setting up such an occasion that brings people together for a nice cup of tea can be done by just about anyone. But before all that, you need to send out invitations to your guests to give them a heads up and ask if they are able to attend your gathering. Here are some steps you can follow that can help you in making a tea party invitation. 

1. Highlight the Purpose

Before even making a simple invitation, always remember that its purpose is to act as a communication tool that delivers an important message to the recipient. It could be a request for a holder to be present at a party or it could be a notice about an upcoming event. Either way, you need to convey the purpose of the invitation via the content. Do so by creating a draft of the invitation. Drafting will help you foresee how the actual invitation would look like when you finish. Use it to give you an idea as to what it is that you should place and where you should place it. Once that's done, you can now proceed to the next step. 

2. Make the Invitation Appealing 

Design components are important for making invitations. These design elements have a more significant role than enhancing the appearance of the card as they can also affect the feelings of your audience. That is why you need to make sure that the invitations resonate with your readers. To do that, begin with choosing a motif or theme that you'll be using for your creative invitation. Since you will be making a tea party invitation, you can choose to go with something that looks Victorian or any motif that looks formal.

3. Set the Mood with Colors 

Colors are essential aspects of a tea party invitation. If you noticed, the themes of this type of event invitation are usually, formal, pastel, and bright. These emulate the warm origin of a tea party. So, pick a color scheme that closely relates to the tone of an afternoon tea. Try to ask yourself, "How do I like my tea?" It could be sweet, gracious, and soothing. These sensations can inspire you to pick a color for your invitation. 

4. Compose a Heartwarming Message 

Together with warm colors, a cordial message can help convey the kind invitation you're going to send. We mentioned in the beginning that an invitation card is a communication tool. That said, use the invitation as a medium to speak about your intention of organizing a tea party. Make sure your message is clear and personal so that your recipients will know exactly why you're sending the invitation to them.