As Elizabeth Andrew stated, ''Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.'' Volunteers have rendered their time, money, and labor to do such a righteous act without expecting something in return. With this act of kindness, an appreciation would mean so much to them. Award the kindness of the volunteers and gave them the volunteer recognition that they deserve by downloading our Volunteer Certificate Template. We guarantee you that its content is written professionally and designed beautifully. With its versatility, this template is 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Apple Pages. Motivate others to volunteer more with our templates now!

What Is a Volunteer Certificate?

Volunteer certificates are one way of a non-government organization (NGO) or a school to recognize the priceless service of volunteers. It is usually in a printed document given on a recognition day as an award to volunteers who rendered their service in an event. It might be a costless way to repay the volunteer's kindness, but the sentiments that affiliated with it are priceless.

How to Make a Volunteer Certificate?

Volunteering is an act that would remind us that humanity is still restored up until today. According to Non-Profits Source, 63 million or 25% of the adult population of the Americans volunteer their time and labor to make a difference. This number can be increased if you recognize the acts of the volunteers, even in your little ways. You can encourage others to volunteers if they would see that every act of kindness is repaid. If you wish to reward them a token of gratitude, you can do it through a simple certificate. Make one now by following these tips:

1. Collect Correct and Complete Volunteer Details

If you wanted to award someone with a custom certificate, you must embed it with the complete and correct information of the awardee. It will ruin the whole essence of the certificate if you mess up the volunteer certificate wording. To avoid it from happening, make a sample list of every detail that you need to include in your certificate. You need to include the basics, like awardee's name, date, name of the event volunteered, company or school, location, and more.

2. Simplicity is the Key

You might be hyped with the idea of designing a certificate, but hold yourself. Settle yourself in making an award certificate. Especially for organizations, professionalism and formality are prioritized at all times. To come up with a professional-looking certificate, you can use the basic fonts used in certificates. Also, make use of spaces and typography hierarchy. In that way, the entirety of your certificate can breathe.

3. Design your Certificate

Other than the wording, you can insert some designs in your certificate. You can indicate color schemes, shapes, or patterns that would complement your certificate. For example, if you want a creative certificate for your volunteers, you can use blue for your color scheme and diagonal lines for added design. Besides, what else you need to indicate in your certificate? Branding. You can brand your certificate through inserting your company or school logo together with the official seal. It would not only serve as a trademark, somewhat, but it would also add to the presentation quality of the certificate.

4. Experiment with Templates

Unlike a basic certificate, you can start making a certificate with a well-designed and professionally written layout and content by downloading one of our volunteer certificate templates. We offer you a variety of templates that you can award for a student or employee volunteer, such as appreciation certificate, participation certificates, achievement certificates, and more.

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