Community service, fundraising, volunteering, and giving a donation are some of the noblest things to do. If your interest in volunteering and you want to help an organization or upgrade your skills, this site will help you. For that, here is a collection of Volunteer Letter Templates! These letters will help you get your request for volunteering to get approved. These are also professionally written and 100% editable. What are you waiting for then? Grab that chance of helping without condition or improve your skills through volunteering! Subscribe and download a template now!

What is a Volunteer Letter?

A volunteer letter states that a person wants to volunteer or participate in a company, charity, event, school, church, fire department, or hospital activities or operation programs.

How to Write a Volunteer Letter?

According to, around 63 million Americans volunteer to make a difference in their communities. This shows that there are still people who are willing to help even without receiving anything in return. If you're one of these selfless and kind people who wants to volunteer, you need to apply for that at first. And applying means sending a letter to the organization or company welcoming such services. If you want to impress them through a volunteer letter, don't worry. Here are steps on how to create an impressive simple letter for volunteering:

1. Show Your Interest

Make the company or organization feel your appreciation and interest in the position you're applying to. You also have to state where you got the news about the opportunity to volunteer. Also, explain the importance of why you want to volunteer.

2. Share Your Credentials

Now, it's time to showcase why you're a perfect choice for the position. Write your credentials for the position on a printable letter. For example, for a hospital volunteer letter, you may write that you're a graduate in the medical field. Sharing this can be proof that you can do well if you get the position. This can also help increase the chance of you getting the position.

3. Tell that You're Fine With a Flexible Schedule

You can please the company or organization by telling them that you are open to any schedule. You can only discuss the shifts that you're okay with after you got the position, and not before it.

4. Leave Your Contact Information

In your document, make sure that you include the details on how they can reach you. This way, if they're interested in you, they can call or email you anytime.

5. Use Business Language

For the tone of your letter, always make sure that you're writing in the business-appropriate language. Your level of formality is going to tell about you. Formality is the best option because it's appropriate and neutral, respectful, and unbiased for a business letter.

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