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Top Tips on How to Resign from Your Job

Every one of us has had a bad day at work. There are even times when we struggled to find motivation to get up and go to work. If for any personal reason, you lose motivation and can’t even remember the last time you’ve had a good day at work, then it is a sign to quit your job and write a Personal Resignation Letter.

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If you have already decided to quit your job, it is highly important to treat your resignation as carefully as you would to other business endeavors. The best way to leave your position is to write a resignation letter to inform your employer that you are no longer continuing your services to the company. You may want to check out some Resignation Letter Writing Tips before writing one.


When You Need to Resign by Email

Email is not always the perfect place to tender your resignation. While experts recommend handling your resignation letter personally to your manager or supervisor, there are inevitable times when you will have to send your resignation letter through email. Take for instance these situations:

  • When you are not going make it to the office
  • A difficult situation that has happened at work
  • Family emergencies
  • Your resignation is effective immediately

Expert Tips When Resigning by Email (or Resigning in General)

Although in most cases, it is acceptable, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when sending your resignation letter through email. If you find it difficult to write one, download the Resignation Letter Template from our website.

  • When sending a resignation letter, address it to your employer but do not forget to send it to the Human Resource office so that they can keep a copy of your letter.
  • Make sure that your letter includes a two-week notice so that you can still assist the person who will be filling your position during the transition period.
  • No matter how bad your reason for leaving is, it is still very important to express gratitude in your email resignation.
  • State your willingness to offer assistance during the transition period.

Leaving the company gracefully helps show your professionalism and respectfulness. Though this decision is difficult, don’t make life too difficult for you. You may also want to check formal resignation letters you could physically send in different formats such as Resignation Letters in DOC and PDF to help you get started.


Dos and Don’ts When Quitting Your Job

Career experts recommend being respectful when leaving your job. But how can you make a clean break? Read on to know how.

  • Do write a brief explanation as to why you have decided to quit your job.
  • Don’t go into details, especially if you have negative reasons for leaving.
  • Do make the transition period easy and smooth sailing. Offer to train your replacement.
  • Don’t make any promises you cannot keep.
  • Do make sure to show gratitude to your employer and colleagues.
  • Don’t make any negative statements that you may regret later.

Lastly, do not forget to write a great resignation letter that will leave a good impression. After all, burning bridges, with your soon-to-be former employers, is not advisable. Let ease your worries and start drafting your letters with these Free Resignation Letters and Resignation Letter Examples from our business archives.


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