How to Write A Cover Letter For an Internship


When applying for an internship program, cover letters are considered critical documents that you have to comply with. One must effectively write a cover letter because such document introduces you to the organization or company that sponsors an internship program.

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In line with this, your internship cover letter must showcase your passion and enthusiasm to be part of the company or organization. It conveys your interest and intention to work and learn from the experts in a certain company. To help you land the internship program that you desire, we have here internship cover letter templates that you may use and customize.

What to Include in an Internship Cover Letter?

To make your internship cover letter effective and on point, you have to take note of the essential components of a cover letter templates. Build on those components and emphasizes your appealing qualifications.

Do include:

  • Personal Information and Contact Details – Like any other cover letter formats, you should include your name, address, phone and email addresses and if applicable your business online profiles such as LinkedIn.
  • Employer Contact Information – To break this down, you have to provide the name of the employer, the specific department you’re applying for, and its corresponding address.
  • Greetings – As much as possible address the letter to a specific person. If no specific name was provided, you can use neutral nouns such as “Dear Search Committee”.
  • First Paragraph – The first part of the body of the letter must introduce you as an aspiring intern and your interest to join the company or organization. You can emphasize here your academic background.
  • Middle Paragraphs – In here, you have to showcase your accomplishments such as the research studies you’ve submitted and other relevant publications. You can explain here why you’re suited to be one of the interns.
  • Ending Paragraph – As what is reflected in most cover letter samples, reiterate important points. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to the hiring managers.

Effective Tips in Writing Internship Cover Letters

Knowing the essentials components of an internship cover letter is one. However, you should sort and organize them in a manner that is strategic and logical. Here are some tips that you may consider.

  • Observe the one page rule. For interns, you must limit your cover letter to a single page. It is a great avenue for you to showcase your skill in organizing and simplifying write – ups.
  • Work on your consistency. In writing your internship cover letter, ensure that you apply consistent font style and size all throughout the page. To add, use formal font styles and readable font sizes.
  • Customize your letter. Make your letter personalized and targeted to a specific company or organization. Downloading cover letter examples can truly help. However, you must customize and modify them to suit your context.
  • Check for typos and other grammar issues. Make sure that you proofread your letter. An ineffective written cover letter can decrease your chances of getting accepted in the internship program.

These are some tips and tricks that you may apply in your work. You can also have your own checklist to supplement the items above.

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