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Customer service is an essential part of the business processes of a company. It is very important for the business to connect with their clients and to make them sure that they are addressed and is an important part of the success of the company. A part of the customer service practices of the company is providing customer comment cards.

Customer comment cards are usually placed in the customer service desk of any business so that clients may write their comments and suggestions before they leave the business’s premises. In some cases, it can be found in the reception area of the company or it can be attached to the products being purchased as well. We can provide you with customer comment card samples and other Card Templates, which you may use for a variety of functions and purposes.

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Restaurant Customer Comment Card



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Hotel Customer Comment Card



Restaurant Customer Comment Card

A restaurant customer comment card is used by restaurants to see the efficiency of their services and how their food quality and presentation is being perceived by their customers. A basic restaurant customer comment card includes the following items:

  • The food that the customer has consumed
  • The selection of food that the restaurant offers
  • The quality of the food being purchased and its value for money spent
  • The cleanliness and orderliness of the restaurant premises
  • The service quality provided by the restaurant staff
  • The systems that are used for ordering and paying the meal

Hotel Customer Comment Card

A hotel is one of the establishments in the service industry that makes use of a customer comment card. This is for the reason that it allows them to retain the items and services that their customers like and to improve based on the comments, suggestions, and areas with low ratings from their clients. A basic hotel customer comment card includes the following items:

  • The quality of the check-in procedures
  • The time duration allocated for the check-in transactions
  • The kind of service that they have received from sifferent hotel personnel
  • The condition of their room
  • The efficiency of the staff
  • The quality of the hotel food items
  • The overall experience that they’ve had during their stay in the hotel

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Customer Comment Card Survey



Birthday Customer Comment Card



Customer Feedback Comment Card



Business Customer Comment Card



Customer Information

There are some businesses that asks for the customer information of the people who write on a customer comment card. The information that are usually being asked by these businesses to be filled up by their clients are as follows:

  • The name of the client
  • The address of the client or the location where the client is from
  • The products being purchased or the services being acquired which are subjected for a customer review
  • The contact information of the customer, which may include his or her mobile number, e-mail address, and mailing address

Reasons for Getting Customer Information

A few reasons why customer information is being asked during the filling up of customer comment cards are as follows:

  • The customer information may be used as a variable in a study or research being conducted by the company.
  • Should the customer experience bad service, his or her contact information may help the company to send a letter of apology.
  • Customer information may also be used by the company as a database for sending out promotions and other company announcements.

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