18+ Comment Card Templates – PSD, AI, EPS

To understand the customer’s experience, Comment Cards play an important role. Just than making them in a tabular form, why don’t you try some interesting sample with bright colors? You may change the format by adding an Index Card Template to make the look different from the rest of the cards. This will also help to archive the data for future use.

Free Comment Card Template

free-comment-card-template Free Download

Business Comment Card Template

business-comment-card-template Free Download

Event Comment Card Template

event-comment-card-template Free Download

Friends Comment Card Template

friends-comment-card-template Free Download

Hotel Comment Card Template

hotel-comment-card-template Free Download

Student Comment Card Template

student-comment-card-template Free Download

Cleaning Comment Card Template

cleaning-comment-card-template Free Download

Restaurant Comment Card Template

restaurant-comment-card-template Free Download

Guest Comment Card Template

guest-comment-card-template Free Download

Customer Service Comment Card Template

customer service comment card template

Customer Service Comment Card Template is a survey based card that allows the customers to rate their experience between ‘very satisfied’, to ‘very unsatisfied’. Check out the format and get this template now

Comment Card fr Taxi Download

comment card fr taxi download

Comment Card for Taxi is a great way to get feedback from the passengers about the driving of the driver and the over all service of the cab company. There is a one question survey on the left

Beautiful Comment Card Template Download

beautiful comment card template download

Check out this comment card template that looks beautiful, all credit to the dark shade of colors which have been used to give it a very sophisticated appearance. Another plus is that ample space has been provided wherein you can insert remarks and comments. This template is free to download, editable and printable!

Comment Card Template for Customer Service

comment card template for customer service

Comment Card Template for Customer Service is a survey based template with the feedback being gathered through questions. Get the free printable sample here

Restaurant Comment Card Template Download

restaurant comment card template download

Restaurant Comment Card Template has the date section on top, lunch, brunch, or other meal options and a scale of 1-10 to rate the experience followed by ample space for the comments and remarks

Checklist Comment Card Template

checklist comment card template

Example of Comment Card Template

example of comment card template

Guest Comment Card Template of Hotel

guest comment card template of hotel

Sample Comment Card Template Download

sample comment card template download

Comment Card Template for Wedding

comment card template for wedding

You must have seen examples of comment cards often but why not try something else by introducing related icons or one-liners to make it interesting for the customers. You can look for different Card Templates download option of the unique font style and size.

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