73+ Printable Card Templates

Sometimes it takes the smallest things to help us in our day-to-day lives. Those small things can be unexpected and easily overlooked, but they can be quite paramount into getting business done. Cards, for example, are one of those small things that we can find every day that are easily overlooked and unconsidered by the majority, not really knowing how helpful cards can be.

However, cards can be surprisingly helpful for everyone and have a use for almost everything. On this list, you’ll find every kind of card you can think of that will help you. Here are 73+ printable card templates that can assist you with whatever you need.

Speaking of cards, if you’re interested in knowing more about them, check out this collection of card designs to go even deeper.

Printable Blank Business Card Template

Blank Business Card

-Blank Business Card


Creative Business Card

-Creative Business Card


Transparent Business Card

-Transparent Business Card


Jewelry Business Card

-Jewelery Business Card


Luxury Business Card

-Luxury Business Card


Printable Greeting Card Template

Anniversary Greeting Card

-Anniversary Greeting Card


Mother’s Day Greeting Card



Greeting for Graduation Card

-Greeting for Graduation Card


Greeting for Baby Shower Card

-Greeting for Baby Shower Card


New Year Greeting Card

-New Year Greeting Card


Printable Christmas Bingo Card Template

Christmas Bingo Card

-Christmas Bingo Card


Christmas Blessings Card

-Christmas Blessings Card


Funny Christmas Card

-Funny Christmas Card


Christmas Gift Card

-Christmas Gift Card


Unique Christmas Card

-Unique Christmas Card


Printable Recipe Card Template

Recipe Box Card

-Recipe Box Card


Recipe Menu Card

-Recipe Menu Card


Restaurant Recipe Card

-Restaurant Recipe Card



Wedding Day Card

Handmade Wedding Card

-Handmade Wedding Card


Wedding Place Card

-Wedding Place Card


Wedding Reception Card

-Wedding Reception Card


Congratulations Wedding Card

-Congratulations Wedding Card


Types of Cards

Cards are used for a great number of things. Depending on what card you get, they can be used for almost any kind of business as well. Not just business, but cards also have a use in helping bring relationships closer together. They may be small in size but are quite insurmountable when used.

Here are the card templates that you’ll find on this list.

  • Business Cards. Primarily used by businessmen everywhere. Business cards are given to potential clients by recruitment agents, lawyers, and entrepreneurs to look professional and seem experienced. Business cards help garner more clients by convincing them that the person who gave them the card is quite the professional.
  • Greeting Cards. Saying hello to somebody can seem heartwarming despite being such a small thing. These cards are more or less used by people who want to show someone who lives far away from them that they haven’t forgotten their company. Greeting cards can be designed according to the the occasion or the are the sender is coming from.
  • Bingo Cards. These cards are used for the activity. It’s difficult to play bingo when no one has anything to scratch the numbers with. Bingo cards are a necessity for bingo.
  • Recipe Cards. Making good food can be a great thing. In order to be able to share to others how you made that food exactly, a recipe card can be a huge help. Recipe cards are primarily used by small shops to show the ingredients of how they made a certain dish.
  • Place Cards. One better way for people to know that you own something is to put your name on it. Place cards are used on objects such as tables on parties to make sure that special guests are sitting exactly where you want them to sit. They can also be placed on other objects outside of parties to show ownership.
  • Thank-You Cards. Never overlook appreciation. When someone makes the effort to do something for you, showing your appreciation should only be appropriate in return. Thank you cards can help you deliver your appreciation no matter what the occasion is for.
  • Easter Cards. A well-known holiday should have well know cards to give away to others. The Easter cards on this list are designed to reflect everyone’s favorite activity during said holiday, egg hunting. Give these away to pay homage to Easter and show some holiday spirit.
  • Pop-up Cards. These cards are unique in their own way that they are not like the other cards. Pop-up cards are cut in a way that designs images to be “popping up” every time you open the card up itself. It’s like a card version of children’s pop up books. They are useful for their aesthetic and originality in their designs.
  • Birthday Cards. Someone’s special time of the year should be acknowledge. It only happens once every 365 days, after all. Birthday cards can help you wish the birthday celebrant well as well as act as an invitation card for a birthday party in their names. These cards can follow whatever theme you want them to be in.
  • Holiday Cards. There comes a few times in a year where people celebrate certain occasions according to where they live. Holiday cards can help you give off the holiday spirit. These cards are styled to reflect whatever holiday that’s nearing your place.
  • Discount Cards. There are also discount cards on this list. Discount cards work in a similar way to gift cards wherein they provide consumers with special rebates or discounts to certain business offerings. If you are running a business and you want to give a discount to a few customers, these cards can be very helpful. They are often used by more famous stores and convenience shops all around.
  • Valentine’s Cards. That special day where you show appreciation and spend time with your significant other. Valentine’s cards give off the romantic mood for you and your partner. They can either be romantic or platonic based on your choosing.
  • Homemade Cards. These cards are the jack-of-all-trades of cards. They can either be used for anything . . . as long as it is handmade. They can have famous characters from certain TV shows sewn unto them or have special intricate designs that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Baby Shower Cards. Having a new baby is cause to celebrate. Invite guests over with baby shower cards to help with your baby a bright future.
  • Photo Cards. These cards can be used for various reasons. Photo cards are editable in a way that they can be used for a number of things as long as you put a photo on it. Whether it’s a birthday card or a memorable graduation card, photo cards can be quite versatile in their use.

With as many cards such as these, you’ll have no trouble finding a card you’re looking to use. You might even find a few cards that you didn’t know you might be needing. If you’re interested more in cards, take a look at blank cards template for a deeper set of choices.

Printable Place Card Template

Place Setting Card

-Place Setting Card


Place Holder Card

-Place Holder Card


Place Name Card

-Place Name Card


Place Rewards Card

-Place Rewards Card


Printable Thank You Card Template

Thank You Baby Card

-Thank You Baby Card


Thank You Donation Card

-Thank You Donation Card


Thank You Email Card

-Thank You Email Card


Thank You Dinner Card

-Thank You Dinner Card


Printable Easter Card Template

Easter Bunny Card

-Easter Bunny Card


Floral Easter Card

-Easter Flower Card


Easter Card with a Message

-Easter Message Card


Printable Birthday Card Template

Kid’s Birthday Card

-Kid's Birthday Card


Birthday Lego Card

-Birthday Lego Card


Birthday Party Invitation Card

-Birthday Party Invitation Card


Surprise Birthday Card

-Surprise Birthday Card


Belated Birthday Card

-Belated Birthday Card


Printable Christmas Pop Up Card Template

Christmas Pop Up Card

-Christmas Pop Up Card


Personalized Pop Up Card

-Personalised Pop Up Card


Handmade Pop Up Card

-Handmade Pop Up Card


Simple Pop Up Card

-Simple Pop Up Card


Greetings Pop Up Card

-Greetings Pop Up Card


Sharing the Joy

Cards can help bring people closer together with just a few messages. Depending on the design, you can make your greetings or invitations look stylish. Whoever is receiving them must think that you’ve really put some effort into what you are doing. Giving away greeting cards, thank-you cards, or holiday cards can give off a feeling of warmth.

It may seem like such a small thing to give away a card, but the act itself can be surprisingly a heartwarming sign of affection.

A More Practical Use for Cards

Despite the above, cards do have some practical uses to them such as for business. Business cards, discount cards, and recipe cards are usually this. Business cards can help you look professional, attracting you more clients. Discount cards can help you earn more customers by attracting them to the promotions of your business. Recipe cards aren’t necessarily used for business but can be sold to customers in order to teach them how to make a certain dish themselves.

It may not look like it, but cards can actually help you with your business as well, providing that you know how to use them exactly.

Use a Card for the Occasion

No matter what the occasion is, a card is always usable. Even if it’s just to give somebody a mere thank you card can seem more moving than saying thank you outright. This is more especially true if the cards design is more exotic, intricate, and looks like it’s really done the effort into.

Using cards for different occasions can be a smart idea. If you’re interested in looking deeper into card use, then you can check out business card templates for more practical uses.

Printable Holiday Discount Card Template

Holiday Discount Card

-Holiday Discount Card


Travel Holiday Card

-Travel Holiday Card


Holiday Health Card

-Holiday Health Card


Holiday Medical Card

-Holiday Medical Card


Printable Valentine’s Day Card Template

Antique Valentine’s Day Card

-Antique Valentine's Day Card


Valentine’s Day Candy Card

-Valentine's Day Candy Card


Valentine’s Day Envelope Card

-Valentine's Day Envelope Card


Romantic Valentine’s Day Card

-Romantic Valentine's Day Card


Valentine’s Day Love Card



Printable Homemade Card Template

Homemade Father’s Day Card

-Homemade Father's Day Card


Homemade Halloween Card

-Homemade Halloween Card


Homemade Retirement Card

-Homemade Retirement Card


Bridal Shower Homemade Card

-Bridal Shower Homemade Card


Printable Baby Shower Card Template

Baby Shower Boy Card

-Baby Shower Boy Card


Baby Shower Advice Card

-Baby Shower Advice Card


Baby Shower Diaper Card

-Baby Shower Diaper Card


Baby Shower Event Card

-Baby Shower Event Card


Baby Shower Save the Date Card

-Baby Shower Save The Date Card


Printable Photo Card Template

Photo Collage Card


Buy Now - $12

Personalized Photo Card

-Personalized Photo Card


Vintage Photo Card

-Vintage Photo Card


Disney Photo Card

-Disney Photo Card


How to Make Your Own Card Look Great

There are several reasons as to why you would want your card to look great. One, it makes the receiver of the card think you’ve really put the effort into it. Two, if you’re inviting them over, they’re more likely to come instead of making excuses as to why they can’t go because if they see that the card you’ve made is put effort into it, then what you are hosting must also have been put a lot of effort into. In short, a stylish card promises a better time for them.

Here are things to consider when trying to make you card look great.

  • Design. It can be very important to make your card aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the card templates on this list are available for you to customize up to your tastes. It all depends on you what design your card is going to have, but it is recommended that you match the design with whatever occasion it is that you are using the card for.
  • Theme. If you’re inviting people over for a birthday, for example, then you should consider using a theme for your card. If you have a theme for the party you are hosting, whatever it is for, then having the card you are giving away reflect that might give your attendants an idea of what that party is going to be about. Having a theme also helps you if you are using these cards for restaurants, such as giving away recipe cards. Having the recipe reflect the overall feel of your shop will help them feel more authentic.
  • Size and shape. This can be important for the card’s overall design as well. Depending on what you are using the card for, the size should complement the amount of information that is stored on the card. If you are delivering a short message, then it shouldn’t be too big otherwise you’ll have a bunch of empty spaces that you don’t really need.
  • Content. The most important part of the card. It doesn’t matter if the card’s design is great and the size is just right, if your card doesn’t deliver the message it’s supposed to send out then it would’ve been all for nothing. You need to know precisely how to deliver your message to the receiver in a way that they’ll find heartwarming if you are giving a more personal message.

So what do you think? Did you find the card that you are looking for? Hopefully, this list helped you find the best card to suit the occasion you are using them for. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in more card designs, these holiday card templates will help you deliver the holiday cheers.

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