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Properties are divided into two categories, public and private. The former refers to land or structure that is free for everybody to roam around on without having to worry about trespassing. These properties can either be something that is totally free and unowned, or it can also be owned by the government but is still made available to the public given the condition that they take good care of it.

With regards to private properties, there are those that are exclusive to its owners only though they may also permit outsiders to enter. These properties include houses and many establishments. Then, there are also private properties which permit people only after they have paid a fee, and these are properties which are actually owned and maintained by an organization or association.

Lastly, there are private properties wherein they only allow people to come in if they are able to present an identification card. The use of ID cards are common in schools, universities, and offices, and are presented to a person in charge before being allowed to enter the premises. There are also other ways in which IDs are being used, and if you need to make one, we have a collection of vertically-oriented ID card templates at your disposal.

Vertical Blank ID Card Template

vertical blank id card template
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Free Employee ID Card Template

free employee id card template
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Professional ID Card Template

professional id card template
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Staff Blank ID Card Template

staff blank id card template
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Dummy Face Vertical ID Card Template

dummy face vertical id card template

Stars and Stripes Vertical ID Card

stars and stripes vertical id card

Elegant Vertical Identity Card

elegant vertical identity card

Flat ID Card Template 

flat id card template 1

Vertical Company Identity Card

vertical company identity card

Here’s a good vertical ID badge template to start with, this template has a modern yet straightforward design which allows people to easily gather information from the owner in the least amount of time possible. This template bears the ID holder’s name, their position and career, and the expiry date of their ID. Aside from those information, this template also includes an area for a barcode and a serial number. Judging by the sample used above, this would be a perfect template to use at schools and universities.

Red Geometric Vertical ID Card Template

red geometric vertical id card template

Whatever your purpose is for using identification cards, you might want to consider downloading the versatile ID card template above. This is especially perfect for businesses, organizations, and education facilities that utilize a red-colored theme. Both front and back sides of this card template make use of flat, geometric shapes that follow the red color scheme, and every element seen on the design are fully editable for your convenience.

Club Night Vertical ID Card Template

club night vertical id card template

Other than just something to be used for permitting or allowing people to enter certain premises, ID cards can also be used simply to identify a person’s name and designation. Above is a good example of an ID card template specifically designed to simply share the owner’s needed information to whoever needs them, and in this case, the ID is being used to notify people that the holder is one of the assigned coordinators for the event.

Green Waves Vertical ID Card Template

green waves vertical id card template

Earlier in this article, you have seen a blank ID card template with a red color scheme, and that template is highly versatile that it can be used for businesses, schools, and virtually any purpose. If you’re not into this color scheme, we also have a template with a somewhat similar design but with a different color scheme. The best thing about this template that makes it more functional than the previous one is not the color, but rather the use of a QR code on the back side of the design.

Purpose of Identification Cards

  • The first and foremost purpose for using IDs is for identification. The image and the name of the person on the ID should correspond to the person wearing it. Other details that should correspond to the wearer include their home address and their contact details.
  • Identification cards can be used to allow people access to certain places, tools, equipment, facilities, or services. This is somewhat related to the previous bullet point since a designated personnel will have to check the individual’s ID to verify their identity before being allowed access. But nowadays, ID cards have either a barcode or a microchip embedded into them that individuals must simply scan on a machine in order to gain access.
  • Identification cards can be used to verify any payments usually done using a credit card. When an individual chooses to settle payments with cash, there is no need for the seller to request for the buyer’s ID. But if the buyer chooses to pay with a credit card, then it is by standard protocol that the seller verify if the name on the card corresponds with the name of the person on the ID.

Multipurpose Vertical ID Card Template

multipurpose vertical id card template

Looking for an identification card template that will look good when dangling for a lanyard? We’ve got it here for you, check out the image above for its design. Because of the simplicity of this design, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of time and effort during the editing process since you won’t have a lot to edit. But even with this template’s simplicity, it still manages to hold the needed information of the owner, which is what matters most when it comes to identification cards.

List of Valid Identification Cards

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Professional License
  • Any State or Government-issued Identification Card

List of Other ID Cards that are Sometimes Considered as Valid

  • Identification Cards issued by an Employer, School, or University
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Professional Certification
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Library Card
  • Professional Association Membership Card
  • Private Organization Membership Card
  • Utility Bills (as Proof of Residence)

Blue Geometric Vertical ID Card Template

blue geometric vertical id card template

You have previously seen the red and green themed identification card templates in this article, now we bring you its blue counterpart. For this template, not only is the color scheme different but the design as a whole, it even replaced the QR code from the last design with a barcode. But just like the previous two templates, this one still manages to keep the design clean and simple by using flat, geometric shapes for the background and corner sections.

Electro Club Vertical ID Card Template

electro club vertical id card template

Do you own a club? Or are you at least managing one? If so, then you will need to hire people who can help you in coordinating the events that take place inside your club. And of course, you will also need to provide them with IDs to keep track of the people working for you. To save you the hassle, you might want to download and use the ID card template shown above, it actually fits your purpose perfectly.

Blank Vector Vertical ID Card Template

blank vector vertical id card template

Looking for a card example that’s basic, editable, and relevant? Check out the template above and try to see if it’s what you need? With this template, you can actually choose between two basic color schemes, a straightforward design, and a fully editable layout. If you choose to distribute this to multiple people, you can choose to leave the fields blank and just leave it to the user to fill it up themselves, including the section for the photo. And what’s best about this template is that it makes use of a QR code, which makes it modern and trendy even with its simplicity.

Simple Vertical ID Card Template

simple vertical id card template

What should be found on an identification card? The most important elements include a photo of the holder, their name, home address, and two contact details—the owner’s and an emergency contact in case something happens to the owner or if the ID gets lost. The optional but still important elements on an ID include the owner’s title or designation, blood type, signature, and their student or employee number. Once you’ve got these elements included on the design, you can then add other graphical elements simply for the purpose of enhancing its appearance.

Now that we are almost coming to a close, have you found the template you need to make your very own vertically-oriented identification cards? Is it one of those minimalist ones? Or is it among the more modern ones? From the collection of professional ID card templates above, you should have found at least one that you want to download and use. Why? Because you’ll never be able to find templates like these ones someplace else.

Which leads us to the question, what makes our ID card templates special? The answer to that is because these templates are actually a collection of the best ones on the internet, and we have gathered them for you so you won’t have to. These templates were designed by some of the best graphic artists of this generation, and that alone is already a sufficient reason for you to download these templates.

But if you still want more reasons, here’s one for you. These ID card templates are also highly versatile in order for you to customize them according to your preferences. The only catch would be to have the required editing tool installed on your system to be able to edit these templates fully. And in terms of costs, these templates have all been priced reasonably to suit your demands. If that sounded like a sweet deal, download an identification card template right now.

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