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5+ Construction Company Catalog Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign, Word, Publisher, Apple Pages

Construction is one of those industries that are never to be underestimated. Usually getting a company project is pretty expensive. Okay, not pretty expensive, but hugely expensive. Proposals and promotional materials are essential in order for a construction company to secure a chance to be able to build the next Burj Khalifa or even the next McDonalds branch.

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However, construction projects will be hard to come by. Yes, construction projects pay good, however, there will be many construction companies vying for a single project. When all is said and all is done, it is an undeniable fact, that construction is a competitive industry.

Construction Company Catalog Template

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Company Catalog Template

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Company Architecture Portfolio Catalog

The management of a construction company’s reputation is essential if it wants to survive. If a company does not have enough promotion, sometime in the future, that said company will go to a nosedive. The aftermath will not be pretty for everyone.

Catalogs are some of the better ways that a construction company can send its name out there. Catalogs are basically brochures or magazines that can show the previous works of a construction company. It displays the old works of the said construction company to its potential customers. Basically, it is the peacock feathers of the company. It serves to impress potential customers and clients to avail of the services of the construction company for their next skyscraper endeavor. You can also see business catalog templates.

Construction Company Profile Sample

The Construction Company Profile

You would never trust anyone without them introducing themselves to you, do you? That is what the construction company profile is all about. It serves to initiate readers on your or your company’s identity. The construction company profile or construction industry profile is an important element of the construction company’s bid documents along with its general communications materials. You can also see product catalogue templates.

This also includes corporate brochures, websites, annual reports, and other promotional materials. If you aim to write an effective construction profile, such profile should contain at least a few essential elements such as an explanation of what type of works the company handles, its capabilities and financial stability. At the very least, said profile should be about three hundred to four hundred words.

1. Company Introduction

For your company introduction, state the number of years your construction company has been in business. Also say if whether your company is a family-owned business, a private company, or public corporation. Indicate the size of your company in terms of turnovers and number of employees. Other things to indicate would be the location of the company headquarters, geographical areas of work, and the categories of work that the company undertakes.

These categories can include both private and public housing, factories, offices, retail units, schools, hospitals, public buildings, civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Lastly, state if the company handles refurbishment along with new projects.

2. Company Description

This section should describe the size, skills, and experience of the company’s workforce. Include details of the company’s apprenticeship, training, and development programs along with its participation in industry training programs. Achievement awards like recognition programs should also be listed.

3. Company Recognitions

Register the company’s industry accreditations, guarantee schemes, and quality policies. Provide independent recognition of the company’s performance standards by quoting industry accreditations. Build and bolster customer confidence through having a description of quality policies in line with the recommendations of a body such as the Organization for Standardization.

4. Company History

A company’s history can be a great tell of its capabilities, potentials and overall reputation. Describe major projects that the company has delivered. Write case studies on the objectives, trials, and tribulations, and achievements and victories of the project. Display how the project met its time and budget targets. Zero in on any specific features of the project. It is also a good idea to include the names of architects, consulting engineers, and any other professional services firms involved in the said project. Include details of any awards relating to the said project and ask project clients to provide references or recommendations.

5. Management Structure

Outline the management structure of the company to demonstrate competence and control. Include the biographies of key management team members with details of construction industry experience. A financial statement showing revenue and profit over the recent period should also be provided along with the explanation of the measures that the company took to maintain during in times of economic downturn.

Construction Company A4 Catalog Template

Tips for Writing an Effective Catalog

Brochures and catalogs are essentially the same things, especially if said brochure is in booklet form. The way their content is written will be what makes or breaks them. They are also promotional materials that people can take time to read whenever there is no internet available. These printed promotional materials also have credibility. It is after all, in people minds, that any “real” company have some kind of printed sales literature. You can also see sales catalog templates.

1. Learn what the audience wants

Write the contents of your catalog from the point of view of your readers. Identify their concerns. Take note of what they want to know about a company before hiring them for the huge undertaking of construction. Try writing down all the questions you get from your clients and customers and try to answer them in your catalog. You can also see catalog layout templates.

2. Motivate your audience to look inside

The first impression of your catalog will be the front cover that the audience will see. Stumble on it and you will likely lose this client. Tell your reader that there is something worthwhile inside the pages of your catalog. Make it like an exclusive invitation, a free report, or something. Just putting your construction company logo on the front will not work.

3. List the contents

Basically, a table of contents is a list of the contents by page numbers. Sounds boring right? Well, only if you make it so. The table of contents is not only essential, you can also design it so that it can stand out. Write your table of contents to see the catalog. Avoid mind-numbing words to do this.

4. Make the catalog a keeper

Including helpful information in your catalog is a great way to encourage your readers to keep it, refer to it, or pass it on to others. For construction companies, this might be a bit difficult to do. Use your imagination to find out how. You can also see free catalog templates.

5. Alter the shape

Your catalog does not have to be a square. Sometimes, in order to be memorable and stand out, you will need to alter its shape. Use your imagination to come up with an original, eye-catching piece. Just take note of your simple budget.

6. Make the catalog personal

It is important for your catalog to make a personal connection with your readers. Your catalog will be more memorable for it. Try to write your catalog with an imaginary person in mind. Doing so is sure to increase responses. You can also like exhibition catalog examples.

7. Add atmosphere

Without an atmosphere, your catalog will sound aloof, or worse, boring Let your reader share your feelings. Allow your words to show your audience how stable and secure they will be if they choose you to construct their towers or dwellings. You may also see service catalog templates.

8. Address your reader’s needs

You are selling to an audience. Do not get carried away with your own interests. Talk about your reader. You may also see restaurant catalog templates.

9. Ask for action

All print materials lead to one destination. That is a call for action from the readers. For a construction company catalog, this call to action is as simple as a phone number or email of your company.

Construction Company A4 Profile Template


Just like a brochure, a catalog is a great medium to showcase a company’s products, results or history. It is one of the more effective printed promotional materials. In the case of a construction company, it is another great way to showcase its reputation and capabilities. Such things are the bread and butter of a construction company’s promotion. The catalog should be properly done as they are crucial items if the construction company wants to stay relevant in the construction field. Simply put the catalog is one of the few ways that a construction company can grab clients and projects. You may also see recipe cookbook catalog templates.

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