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Whether you are a bar or restaurant owner, your ultimate goal is to stand out from your competitors in the business. Although you may have the most delectable and delicious dishes to offer, you must bear in mind that all your efforts will go down the drain if people fail to notice what you have to offer.

Sounds complicated? It does not have to. You do not have to give out free food samples just to get your menu noticed by customers. The best thing you have to do is to grab their attention. Do you want to know how? Of course, get noticed by using a chalkboard menu!

Wedding Chalkboard Menu Templates

Free Chalkboard Wedding Menu

free-chalkboard-wedding-menu Free Download

Wedding Reception Chalkboard Menu

wedding-reception-chalkboard-menu Download

Wedding Party Chalkboard Menu

wedding-party-chalkboard-menu Download

DIY Chalkboard Menu Templates

DIY Chalkboard Weekly Menu

diy-chalkboard-weekly-menu Download

DIY Chalkboard Bar Menu

diy-chalkboard-bar-menu Download

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard Menu

diy-kitchen-chalkboard-menu Download

What Is a Chalkboard Menu?

A chalkboard menu is also be referred to as a write-on menu board. They are like typical blackboards which are used in school but only they are smaller in size and are commonly designed for business purposes. Some of chalkboard menus come with a stand, while others are mounted up on a wall that bears information such as the restaurant special for the day, discounts, promos, or events.

They are typically easy to clean, use, and maintain, which makes them popular for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes. Browse from our collection of Chalkboard Menu Templates for ideas and inspirations and do not forget to download our free samples and formats.

How a Chalkboard Menu Can Benefit Your Business

One of the common uses of a chalkboard menu is to advertise the items of your menu. A chalkboard menu is a creative, practical, and cost-effective way to grab the attention of passersby and turn them into your customers. If you are running a restaurant, food is one of your main offerings to your customers, and it differentiates your restaurant from your other competitors in the business.

You only need put in some of your time, effort, and invest in a customized and flattering chalkboard. You do not have to spend a fortune on it, since most chalkboards are affordable. Here’s why a good number of establishments use chalkboard menus:

  • Using the chalkboard can definitely add style and boost the aesthetic appeal of your space. We all know that elements inside the restaurant or bar play an important factor in making the space appear complaisant to customers.
  • A chalkboard can be a great addition to the interior of your business establishment.
  • It comes in a wide variety of designs, making it flexible according to the restaurant owner’s personal needs and requirements.
  • With the use of a chalkboard menu, you can put your restaurant specialty on the spotlight and persuade your customer into trying your menu almost without undergoing any physical effort and stress.
  • An artistic and colorful chalkboard menu does not only attract passersby, but it also has the ability to draw “craveability” in people.
  • Since you do not want to bore your guests with the same menu over and over again, a chalkboard is the perfect option if you are planning to feature and serve different menus to your guests on a regular basis.

 Check out these downloadable Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Templates and know how to turn guest customers into regulars.

Restaurant Chalkboard Menu Templates

Restaurant Chalkboard Food Menu

restaurant-chalkboard-food-menu Download

Restaurant Chalkboard Dessert Menu

restaurant-chalkboard-dessert-menu Download

Restaurant Chalkboard Seafood Menu

restaurant-chalkboard-seafood-menu Download

BBQ Chalkboard Menu Templates

BBQ Chalkboard Invitation Menu

bbq-chalkboard-invitation-menu Download

BBQ Themed Chalkboard Menu

bbq-themed-chalkboard-menu Download

Chalkboard Cafe Menu Templates



Funny Blank Cafe Chalkboard Menu

funny-cafe-chalkboard-menu Download

Cafe Chalkboard Handlettering Menu

cafe-chalkboard-handlettering-menu Download

Rustic Chalkboard Menu Templates

Blank Rustic Wooden Chalkboard Menu

rustic-wooden-chalkboard-menu Download

Blank Rustic Mini Chalkboard Menu

rustic-mini-chalkboard-menu Download

Rustic Slate Chalkboard Menu

rustic-slate-chalkboard-menu Download

Vintage Chalkboard Menu Templates

Blank Vintage School Chalkboard Menu

vintage-school-chalkboard-menu Download

Vintage Beer Chalkboard Menu

vintage-beer-chalkboard-menu Download

Blank Vintage Wall Chalkboard Menu

vintage-wall-chalkboard-menu Download

Chalkboard Lettering Menu Templates

Chalkboard Vinyl Lettering Menu

chalkboard-vinyl-lettering-menu Download

Christmas Chalkboard Lettering Menu

christmas-chalkboard-lettering-menu Download

Fancy Chalkboard Lettering Menu

fancy-chalkboard-lettering-menu Download

Chalkboard Lunch Menu Templates

Personalized Chalkboard Lunch Menu

personalized-chalkboard-lunch-menu Download

Chalkboard Lunch Box Menu

chalkboard-lunch-box-menu Download

Chalkboard Lunch Business Menu

chalkboard-lunch-business-menu Download

Bakery Chalkboard Menu Templates

Bakery Chalkboard Cupcake Menu

bakery-chalkboard-cupcake-menu Download

Retro Bakery Chalkboard Menu

retro-bakery-chalkboard-menu Download

Bakery Chalkboard Garden Menu

bakery-chalkboard-garden-menu Download

Attracting Customers with Your Chalkboard Menu

Using a chalkboard menu for your business is not enough to make you stand out from the rest of your competitors unless you know how to use it effectively. Surely, you can just write down your restaurant menu for the day, but it would not ensure you that passersby will try out what is written on your chalkboard menu. So how do you turn passersby into customers? The answer lies on how you creatively present your chalkboard to your potential guests.

  • One of the most important things you need to remember when designing a chalkboard menu is to make sure that it suits perfectly with the theme of your restaurant. Say if you are having a vintage themed restaurant, then it is only wise to create a chalkboard menu that screams vintage. Mismatched theme of the restaurant and chalkboard will only cause confusion in your customers.
  • Use bright colors to stand out. Since almost all chalkboards have a black background, incorporating vibrant, bright colors can help put the menu on spotlight. This eye-catching effect can help draw the attention of the passersby and increase their likelihood of trying out your restaurant’s menu.
  • The content is another crucial element of your chalkboard menu. That is why it is highly important to be able to choose the right wordings to write on the chalkboard, or else your menu will exude a wrong impression of the restaurant to your guests. If you are not quite sure on what wordings to choose, experts recommend giving an accurate description of the different ingredients used in the dish instead of describing how it tastes.
  • Choose the font carefully. Although you may not think that font plays a significant factor in your chalkboard menu, but it does. Again, when choosing the type of font, you need to match it with the theme of your restaurant. Let us take for example if you own a restaurant that serves Mexican dishes. You must make sure to choose a Mexican-inspired style when writing your menu on the chalkboard. This will give your potential customers an idea that on what to expect in your restaurant.
  • Learn how to draw. Incorporating a drawing onto your chalkboard menu is probably one of the best ways to attract passersby. It is important to make sure that the drawing is pretty neat or else, it will look messy on your chalkboard. However, if you are not endowed with a skill in drawing, you can simply buy or download a chalkboard menu with drawings online. They come in a variety of designs and chalk colors. What is great with these chalkboard menus is that you know that they are carefully crafted by expert graphic designers and that they are all sport a professional sense of appeal.

Try out our expertly designed Chalkboard Menu Templates. They come in free PSD and EPS formats and most of them are up for grabs.

Anniversary Chalkboard Menu Templates

Anniversary Chalkboard Brunch Menu

anniversary-chalkboard-brunch-menu Download

Anniversary Chalkboard Dinner Menu

anniversary-chalkboard-dinner-menu Download

Church Anniversary Chalkboard Menu

church-anniversary-chalkboard-menu Download

Birthday Chalkboard Menu Templates

Children’s Birthday Chalkboard Menu

childrens-birthday-chalkboard-menu Download

Surprise Birthday Chalkboard Menu

surprise-birthday-chalkboard-menu Download

Birthday Chalkboard Cookout Menu

birthday-chalkboard-cookout-menu Download

New Year Chalkboard Menu Templates

Happy New Year Chalkboard Menu

happy-new-year-chalkboard-menu Download

New Year Chalkboard Catering Menu

new-year-chalkboard-catering-menu Download

New Year Chalkboard Potluck Menu

new-year-chalkboard-potluck-menu Download

Bridal Shower Chalkboard Menu Templates

Bridal Shower Chalkboard Tea Party Menu

bridal-shower-chalkboard-tea-party-menu Download

Summer Bridal Shower Chalkboard Menu

summer-bridal-shower-chalkboard-menu Download

Homemade Chalkboard Menu Templates

Homemade Chalkboard Afternoon Menu

homemade-chalkboard-afternoon-menu Download

Homemade Chalkboard Baby Food Menu


Tips on Maintaining the Quality of Your Chalkboard

No matter what type of chalkboard menu you own, it is highly important to maintain its quality at all times. An old and damaged chalkboard menu does not do you any favor on attracting customers; hence, it will give them an idea that your restaurant does not care much about the presentation of the menu. Instead of attracting positive attention, you can potentially send away your potential guests.

So if you are looking to attract a large number of clientele to your restaurant, make sure that you advertise or promote your dishes on a well-preserved and well-maintained chalkboard menu.


Accumulation of chalk is one of the main causes of damage to the board that is why it is important to clean your chalkboard on a regular basis in order to keep it in good working condition. Routine care and cleaning are imperative, especially if your restaurant or bar is offering different menus every day.

You can use a chalk eraser or a special cloth when cleaning your chalkboard. While chalk eraser only need regular dusting, you may be required to use a chalkboard cleaning solution when using a cloth. If a cleaning solution is unavailable, just dampen the cloth with water before cleaning the chalkboard.


Before painting your chalkboard, check that it is free from dust. Apply two coats of paint on the surface of chalkboard. Make sure that it is dried in between the coats. If you want to make the quality of your chalkboard last a long time, it is recommended to repaint it at least every 6 months.

Preserving Chalkboard Drawings

So you have spend a good 2 hours designing and drawing on your chalkboard. However, your designs and drawing can get smudged or erase anytime, and it can be heartbreaking. One of the technique in preserving and protecting your drawings is using hairspray.

Spray a thin even coat of hairspray on the surface of the chalkboard where you have your drawing. To avoid drips or droplets, make sure to spray it at least 10 inches away from the surface. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to dry. You may panic to see you drawing disappear from the board, but it will reappear once the surface of the chalkboard has dried.

Final Thoughts

You do not need fancy decors and interior to stand out from the rest of the restaurants in your local area. Putting your time and effort in your chalkboard menu is the greatest way to get potential customers notice your restaurant and the menu you have to offer. So the next time you are looking to attract customers, do not forget to keep these helpful and useful things in mind. Instead of becoming a slave to restaurant trends, why not attempt to create them?

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