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What Is an Academic Certificate?

Academic Certificates are given to students that did well in school. Students who have an excellent performance or have aced in a series of tests are given an academic certificate. The type of academic certificate they will receive depends on their achievement. If the student has completed 30 credits in an accredited career program, then he/she will be given a completion academic certificate. Academic Certificates are used to certify that a person has higher educational attainment. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the highest percentage of education level that receives a certification is the high school completion level. This means that most people do not aim for the highest education as long as they are able to present an academic certificate to get hired.

How to Create an Academic Certificate

Certificates may all look the same, but they differ on the purpose and content. Certificate types vary with the purpose; one of the most common types of certificates is the Academic Certificate, which is the one you are about to create. The content of the academic certificate will only focus on the academic achievement of the student. Here are the steps to create the content of your certificate:

1. Draft First

First thing first, drafting is the safest and wisest way to save yourself from major errors. Since academic certificates are the type of certificate that will certify that you have completed such a level of education, you need to be careful in creating the certificate. It is better to plan everything first and create a draft on what to include on the certificate. You can look for sample certificates online to be sure.

2. Use the Proper Wordings

Academic certificates are an important document; thus, the content of the certificate must be formal. Using the proper and formal wordings is a must for the certificate. You can use "is hereby awarded to" or "presented to" as the presentation phrase. For an accurate choice of words, look for school certificates, and use its wordings as a sample.

3. Emphasize the Name of the Recipient

The main highlight of the certificate is the recipient. Custom certificates were made to award or to acknowledge the hard work of the recipients, so it must emphasize his/her name on the certificate. To achieve this, make the font size of the recipient's name the biggest. Use more prominent and bold fonts for the name. Make sure that the spelling of the recipient's name is correct.

4. Choose Fonts Wisely

Certificates must be legible for everyone. It's not necessary to make the font sizes readable at a distance, but at least the font styles are appropriate and can be easily read. Avoid using fancy font styles because certificates do not require to be beautifully designed. As much as possible, make your simple certificate to look at.

5. Let the Awarding Party Sign the Certificate

The recipient will feel more honored if the academic certificate was signed by the person who commemorates the award. Aside from that, the signature of the awarding party will make the certificate credible. Even a basic certificate has a signature of the person who handed the award.

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