Businesses going online has been a consistent trend in reaching a wider audience with so much efficiency. In these modern times, one brand can be just at the tip of any hands. While there are many ways to do this, setting up an engaging and sleek app landing page is one of the most used employed. Easily have that in your side by having one of our Free Ready-Made App Landing Page Templates! These are well-researched and professionally made by our experts to help you have an app landing page that's user-friendly and results-oriented. It's easily editable and readily available for your PSD or HTML5 use.  Want to attain more downloads and generate leads to your app conveniently? Download now!

What is an App Landing Page?

An App Landing Page is a specially designed, single-paged webpage by programmers and developers to represent a particular app's features and benefits to the users. The app landing page will comprehensively elaborate on the functions and specifications of a specific app. It helps app makers to convince and market their app products to download and consistently make use of the app.

How to Make an App Landing Page

There has been a record of roughly 2.57 million apps to be enjoyed by Android phone users through their Google Play Store. For iOS users, Apple pages have an utmost 1.84 million of apps in their App Store, data from Statista's web article on the number of apps for 2019's fourth quarter. And that is an apparent tight competition for your application program. Thus, in this kind of marketing game, designing well your unique app should not only be the sole priority. Before your target audience or potential users get to enjoy your app, it's the app landing page that will be first linked and interacted with them. Be able to showcase the first best impression by reading and adapting our comprehensive vital points below in making an app landing page that converts to sales!

1. Describe Sharply

An app landing page is most favorable when it is not overly crowded with words. In writing down your app landing page's content, make sure that it is striking and concise. Compose down with an enticing and engaging tone. It is also highly encouraged to make use of basic, easy to understand language. Choose the proper wordings that can hook or have fun with the readers. Your content must entertain your audience. Fundamentally, what you need to include in your app landing page is the app's purpose and use, or how this can solve your target audience's particular problems. One effective way to accomplish such is by writing in an active voice. Active voice sentence structures make it sound more actionable and relatable to the people.

2. Input An App Screenshot

Inputting an app screenshot in your app landing page enforces your sense of empathy to your target audience. You are letting them take a glance of what it will look like, how to browse, and maneuver the app when downloaded on their devices. Also, instead of pasting a bare screenshot of your app, it will be better when you enclose this within a mobile phone, preferably both in smartphone models that your app is compatible with, like in Android and iPhone. Choose to screenshot the most relevant labels of your app only.

Including a quick video tutorial or demo of your app by the sides of the app landing page is also advisable since you cannot put too many words in it. It's, even more, an actionable visualization.

3.Complement the Layout

In designing your app landing page, ensure that its graphical layout is in harmony and balance. Take a closer look if its colors clash with other of the element. Above anything else, your app screenshot must be vividly visible. What you should make sure to highlight in your app landing page is the app screenshot. Make sure the graphical elements surrounding it complements to each other. More so, do not forget to correlate its layout elements to the particular branding of your application program and integrate engaging responsive components.

4. Connect Them In

One major, significant part of your app landing page should have is the CTA or Call To Action statement. After showing off your app's use and purpose, make sure your readers will have the ease of getting our app. Your CTA, when once clicked, must direct the user in getting it in his or her device. Common CTAs are "Download" or "Subscribe Now." Nonetheless, your CTA can also be a directional link or tool to lead your reader into a more informative page, like "Learn" or "Read More." It's also applicable to include contact numbers, social media account, or websites.

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