What Is An App Landing Page?

A landing page or in this case, an app, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an optimized search engine search result. Landing pages play a very vital role in online digital marketing, especially for marketing promotion, marketing email, and online advertisement.

How To Create An App Landing Page

When you open your favorite app, whether it is dating or a business app – what is the first thing you saw upon opening the app? Most of us disregard that one page with interactive buttons and category links but did you know that is the essential part of the web page? Typically known as the “home page,” a landing page is a webpage presentation that introduces the customer to what the app is all about. As mentioned, a landing page is used to generate leads and optimize your website ranking.

If you are planning to establish a mobile application website of your own, you need to prioritize having a presentable app landing pages. We want to help you achieve it by offering you our actualized guide on how to formulate one landing page for your app site.

1. Establish Your Site's Purpose

Establishing your website's use and purpose will play a critical role in your overall landing page creation. You need to remember and consider that your site's objective will serve a core on how are you going to drive your landing page layout. Identify if it is for a news site, online store, or sports app. Having a comprehensive plan before starting a website of your own will be your most significant edge, so take the time to consider it.

2. Think Of A Potential Landing Page Design

As part of the planning stage, is considering the design aesthetics of your landing page is also the thing that you need to consider. But first, you need to know the demographics of your potential audiences. Who and what are you targeting? How can you craft your landing page by making it more appealing to them? Then, after identifying your potential audiences, list down the possible motifs that best allure your viewers. Do you want to have a minimal website? Or modern?

3. Utilize A Website Layout Software

There are available software layout that can offer you a simple interface that can cater to your landing page layout. In choosing a program for your layout design stage, you can make use of WordPress, HTML5, HTML, or Bootstrap application. These mentioned applications are one of your best website programs to use as a startup.

4. Inject A Relevant Content

There's a gathered statistics that 93% of B2B (business-to-business) marketers use content marketing on their products and services. The stats would correlate to the goal in the digital marketing game – to generate search traffic and convert it into sales leads. With this fact, take the time to write and insert an article that are relevant and useful in your websites. Having relevant content on your website is your high edge, mainly for search optimization purposes.

5. Download Our Template Files

Easing up your task upon creating one application website template is one of our main priorities. If you opt to have one landing page for your blog or social media site; don't stress yourself from having one from scratch. We highly recommend and offer you our series of landing page template files that you can widely use.

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