App Flowcharts

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What Is an App Flowchart?

An app flowchart is a tool that’s used to visualize the stages of the development of an application. Like other project flowcharts, this consists of shapes that contain ideas or subjects. And to illustrate the flow of information, arrows are used to connect the shapes. 

How to Make an App Flowchart

According to the website, SmartDraw, a flowchart can be effective in conveying information, but it can also be confusing if not done well. Check out our guidelines below to help make your chart as easy to follow as it needs to be.

1. Make a List of Important Details

Before you make your app flowchart, it's essential to prepare a checklist of details to ensure relevance in the content. This may take up some of your time, but it will make the task more manageable since it already highlights the crucial details. 

2. Determine the Start and End Points

Unlike mind maps wherein the content branches out from a central idea, a flowchart has a starting point and an endpoint. Refer to your checklist to determine the subject or ideas to correspond to these two points.

3. Create an Initial Version of the Flowchart

Make a sample chart by creating a hand-drawn sketch of your flow. Consider the previous two guidelines discussed to ensure a logical course of information. After doing this step, proceed directly to creating your actual app flowchart.

4. Divide the Flowchart into Manageable Sections

Another way to make sure the details in your basic chart is logically flowing is to divide it into manageable sections. Break down longspun flows of information into shorter sub-flows. Do this even if your app isn't that complex as it will help make your flowchart easier to follow.

5. Add Colors to Distinguish Sections

The last enhancement that you can add to your app flowchart is a color-coding system. This will not only make your design flowchart look attractive, but it will also make the set of details distinguishable. Such a minor tweak can go a long way if done correctly.


  • What is the difference between a flowchart and a data flow diagram?

      A flowchart is a detailed description of a business process, while a data flow diagram is a description of the path taken to complete the process.

  • What are the types of flowcharts?

      1. Process flowchart - The most versatile type and can be used to illustrate any process.
      2. Workflow chart - A type of flowchart that visually represents the way a business or process works.
      3. Data flowchart - This type of flowchart shows how data enters and exits the organization’s information system.
  • Why do people use flowcharts?

      1. Flowcharts promote clarity of the processes.
      2. Flowcharts help in communicating information. 
      3. Flowcharts make it easier to track and solve problems.
  • Who invented the flowchart?

      Flowcharts were invented by Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. In 1921, they presented the idea to members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It was then referred to as a flow process chart and was used to determine the best and most efficient way to perform tasks.

  • How can you improve the quality of your flowchart?

      1. Don’t use too many colors.
      2. The sizes of the symbols or shapes should be consistent.
      3. Don’t use inappropriate symbols and shapes.
      4. Make the flow of information linear.