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What is a Creative Business Card?

Business cards are commonly used by professionals such as business owners, lawyers, editors, accountants, and more, to create a wide range of network and connection. It serves as a physical reminder to people that you have met about your establishment and your products. Also, it is an effective way of branding your business.

How to Create a Creative Business Card?

Aside from being a valid promotion and network tool, modern cards are convenient because of their advantages such as pocket-friendly, versatile, accessible, and handy. Moreover, this kind of printed-media is still broadly used amidst the spread of a digital form of marketing; that is why crafting a good business card is a must. Hence, we present you tips and guidelines in creating your business card.

1. Sort Out

A business card does not have the same size as the flyer because this type of card is mostly 3.5 by 2 inches in size. Hence, ensure that you have sorted the essential details among the other vital information to include. Afterward, create an outline of what details should be inputted first, what should follow, and more.

2. Construct

Choose an appropriate layout. The one you think fits best for your purpose. This layout will serve as the framework of your craft. Afterward, you can start lay-outing. It is the perfect time to generate your creativity and imaginativeness. Make your business card design attractive but still professional. Your aim is to gain more connection, that is why you have to maintain formality because it is not the same as the usual greeting cards, it weighs and functions more than it that. That said, you are free to play with the design elements. You may mix colors — such as blue and black or others. When it comes to the font styles and sizes, you can blend those that you think are a good match. If you want to use borders or frames, you may use the one that is elegant or classy — or at least the most suitable one. If you're going to make your design more modern or timely, you can research for shapes, fonts, and other decorations that are commonly used in this era.

3. Fill In

After experimenting with the elements and being artistic, you can proceed to the inputting of details. Fill in the layout with the necessary information such as your company's information — like the name, slogan, company logo, and address, and your essential data-name, position, email address, contact numbers, and social media accounts. Make sure that the numbers and email that you are putting are active so that potential investors or customers can contact you quickly. Also, it is vital for those details to be factual and not fabricated to not lose the trust of your clients.

4. Print

Check for errors first before actually producing copies so that the outcome will be neat and desirable. Afterward, print how many copies you want, make sure that you are using a good-quality printing material to achieve the best result.

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