Business cards are helpful to get clients. In case, your clients want to contact you to inquire or buy about your products or services later, it can help. Without a business card, you have to write down your contact information on a piece of paper that clients may not even like. If you haven't got time to make one use our ready-made IT and Software Business Card Template and make one in minutes. Our templates are 100% customizable, shareable, and printable. They are also available in different file formats like Microsoft WordApple PagesAdobe PhotoshopGoogle Docs, and Adobe Illustrator. Subscribe now to download them instantly!

How to Make an Effective Business Card?

A business card is a small cardstock (3.5-inch by 2-inch) that contains contact and business information of a company or an individual. As stated by Designhill, the business card is an irreplaceable marketing tool. Most marketers are using business cards to establish good branding for their products and services. Also, this card creates a window between you or your company and the potential client.

it and software business card template

Most graphic designers are using state-of-the-art software to create a business card. However, some designers can also produce an eye-catching business card using Microsoft Word. You may check the tips below on how to create a business card in some simple steps.

1. Choose Your Raw Materials Wisely

When choosing raw materials for your agency business card, you have to be particular of the brand and quality to make it look professional. Remember that your materials play an important factor in terms of producing an eye-catching business card.

2. Determine The Information

The information that you will put in your corporate business card should contain the contact details, and if possible, a list of your products and services. Some of the basic information in this business card include complete name, designation, address, telephone, and website address.

3. Conceptualize Your Design

Once you have all the information, it is time to conceptualize your design. You may research the trends in business cards designing today or you may ask assistance with your colleagues. Remember when creating a design for your IT and software company, make it simple yet attractive.

4. Draft Your Business Card

Now that you have the idea, you can start drafting your design. You may install graphic editing software that has various editing tools. When drafting your business card, you have to be creative and patient. Pay extra attention to the margins, shapes, color, information, font styles, and font numbers.

5. Review The Design and Content

Once you completed your modern business card, review it twice or thrice before saving. Check the margins, shapes, colors, information, font styles, and font numbers. You may ask your colleagues to review your design just to ensure that all details are correct.

6. Print Your Business Card

A printable business card uses high-quality ink and printer. Start printing one copy only. Afterward, you may ask for feedback from your colleagues or senior management about the quality of your output.

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