The world of culinary arts consists of talented individuals such as chefs, for example. They cook exquisite meals for catering known restaurants to satisfy their customers with their creative twist to classic dishes. If you're applying as a head chef, sous chef, pastry chef, or a student chef applying for an apprenticeship in the culinary world, then we got something to help you with your job application process. Try our ready-made Chef Cover Letter templates, available in all file formats. They are 100% customizable, easily editable, printable, and professionally written, so you won't have any trouble creating one from scratch. Download our ready-made templates today!

What is a Chef Cover Letter

Like most job applications, chefs need to create an application letter, alongside their professional resume to show their managers about their past professional background in the world of culinary arts. Chefs need to show the place they are applying their knowledge and skills in cooking if they wish to get accepted in their establishment.

How to Create a Chef Cover Letter

Creating your curriculum vitae for the position of a chef would require legitimate qualifications if you wish to pursue your dream career. Statistics revealed in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics about cooks, and head chefs show that the annual wage chefs received during May 2018 reached a total of $48,460. With that said, we will give you these steps to help you get the career of your dreams as a chef.

1. Know Who You're Addressing

When creating your sample letter for the chef position, you have to know who you're addressing your job application within the establishment. Adequately address your sample format to the HR manager in charge, together with the name of the establishment and address for formalities.

2. Request For The Position

As you start to write for your chef cover letter, be straightforward as you request for your desired position. The HR manager will base your request through your sample resume anyways so they can see that you are a real deal chef.

3. Summarizing Information

After requesting for the chef position you wish to apply, it's time to add some information and details about yourself. You may base your job summary in the job description provided in your resume, so they'll believe the skills you possess as a professional chef.

4. Add Your Skills

After adding a small summary of your professional background, you may add your skills to your formal document. Adding this will help your chances of getting the job because working as a chef isn't an easy task to handle.

5. Conclude and Review

After adding everything necessary for your chef cover letter, provide a conclusion to end the message and review in case you missed out on somethings you wish to change. Once you have finished doing that, send your letter to the human resources department of the establishment and hope you'll get the job as one of their professional chefs.

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