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What Is a Conference Invitation?

Generally, an invitation is a formal request, which can either be a card or a letter, that is sent for someone to participate and to be present in an event. A modern invitation is written to invite participants and special guests to an organized meeting such as annual general meeting, conclave, congress, board meetings, workshop, convention, seminars, product launches, etc.

How to Write a Conference Invitation

A conference invitation is as significant as the conference itself; therefore, it should be written formally and crafted exquisitely. Furthermore, it should be accurate and precise. Here are some quick tips in creating a formal yet elegant simple invitation.

1. Gather All Necessary Information

Before you officially start making a sample invitation, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary information needed. Gathering all the details ahead of time allows you to be spontaneous in placing all the data needed in an invitation. Take note of the date, time, and the venue of the conference. Moreover, do not forget to put the company details like the company name and répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP). The latter term is a French phrase that simply means "please reply."

2. Choose a Size for Your Invitation

Once you have gathered all information needed, you can proceed with deciding what software program to use. Afterward, you may choose the dimension of your business invitation. If you opt to make a flat invitation card, then the 3.5”×5” and 5”×7” invitation size is the perfect choice since it is commonly used for formal functions. However, if you opt for the folded counterparts of the flat invitations, then the 7”×5” (folds to 3.5”×5”) and 10”×7” (folds to 5”×7”) sizes would be the right choice.

3. Deal with the Design

The design of your invitation does not have to be exaggerated since a conference is a formal event. The more minimalist your design appears, the better. Leaving white spaces allows a better reading experience.

4. Use an Appropriate Font

The typefaces that you will use have a huge impact to the entire document; therefore, you must use an appropriate font in writing your party invitation message. Invitations for national or international conference, press conference, or any corporate meetings should use formal typefaces since these are formal events.

5. Use High-Quality Paper

The traditional way of inviting someone is through the word of mouth or through distribution of printed invitation cards or letters. The birth of Internet made everything faster because you can now send an invitation through emails. However, if you prefer sending a printed invitation card to your invitee, then you might as well use a high-quality paper in printing your invitations. According to Roger Dooley in his Paper Beats Digital in Many Ways, According to Neuroscience that is published by Forbes, scent can be used to further increase print's impact. Therefore, using high-quality papers such as glossy and scented ones will make your invitation more elegant and presentable.

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