It's expected that at a conference, there is a large number of attendees. If you will be organizing one, make sure that you've promoted your event to the designated persons from a certain business. In that way, you need to create conference brochures to help you inform your guests about your event and include its conference program and agenda. In that way, we offer you these beautifully designed conference brochure templates in various file formats such as Adobe Photoshop(PSD), Illustrator, Publisher, and Indesign. Because of its helpful features, you'll no longer have a hard time planning for your brochure layout and content. Whatever your conference focuses, these brochure templates below are a click away for you to avail. 

How to Create a Conference Brochure?

Like an event flyer, a conference brochure is a promotional tool used by a conference organizer to inform the potential attendees to be gathered in the event. Like any other type of brochure, this tool will only be an effective brochure if it's properly designed and the essential elements are inputted in it.

As its name implies, a conference brochure should comprise the event's name, the potential attendees, date and the venue on where to hold, the conference agenda, conference program, event itinerary, and the event's overview. Unlike any professional brochure, a conference brochure is a formal meeting where delegates, either from an already established or start-up businesses, are invited to attend to discuss a certain topic as known by the attendees. Traditionally, conferences involve members of the same field of expertise.

Since the conference is extensive in range, you have to determine first on what type of conference you are organizing. By that, you will be acquainted with what details to include in your conference brochure.

In line with this is the brochure design. How can you attract the attention of your attendees if they have different standards of what a brochure must look like? Making effective conference brochures is a challenge to anyone, but if you know what constitutes a brochure, it will no longer complicate your views.

1. Determine the Type of Conference

Before you create your event brochure, take note of the nature of your conference type. Be reminded that every type of conference varies on the topics to tackle, the agenda, the time-extent, the venue, participants, etc. After this, you can now start planning your layout.

2. Decide on the Folding Style

Brochures can be done bifold, trifold, or in booklet style. This is the first thing to decide before the design, graphics, and contents because this will guide you in your formatting and placing. Which type of fold should you use?

Bifold brochures are best used for simple business and product presentations. This suits especially in including large images in your brochures. Moreover, trifold brochures fit in presenting visual contents in compact pieces. This is convenient because these are easy to hand out. Booklet style is used if you have too much information to include in your brochure.

3. Ascertain Your Color Palette

Choose a suitable color combo for your brochure. When you make this, be sure to stick to your motif. The colors you prefer for your creative brochure design will make a person either read or lose interest in it. As a rule of thumb, contrast low and high-value colors to avoid color detriment. You can add color nuances as long as you are not affecting the readability of your brochure.

4. Play with Typography

Font styles used for any corporate event brochures set the tone of the message you include in your brochure. When you choose the right style, it integrates a strong visual statement toward your target audience. Your typography design has to make sense with your business.

5. Include High-Res Image and Mind the Image Size

Regardless of your folding style, you need to include images in high resolution for better output. The image size depends if you are making bifold or trifold printable brochures.

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