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What Is a Conference Flyer?

The name conference flyer literally means a modern flyer used to promote or disseminate information about an upcoming conference event. Just like other flyers, a conference flyer is a highly visual material that contains relevant images and all the pertinent information about the conference. Traditionally, flyers were meant to be printed and personally distributed, but with the advents of technology, you can also create digital flyers that you can easily send through your potential guests' or attendees' email.

How to Create a Conference Flyer

1. Maintain Readability

The main purpose of your simple flyer is to attract people to attend your conference or to inform your expected attendees of the details about the conference. Either way, it is important to make sure that your contents are all readable. Aside from writing coherent sentences, you should also ensure that your texts are properly highlighted in your layout. You can use design elements to emphasize them in the flyer.

2. Limit Your Font Style Use

Aside from the artworks, illustrations, and design elements, the font styles that you use can affect the flow of your flyer. It is a general rule in design to limit the number of font styles that you use in your sample flyer. Less is more in this regard. As much as possible, only use two to three different font styles in one layout to avoid unnecessary clutter. Doing so also allows you to maintain the readability of your flyer. You can instead use bold, italic, or regular versions of the same font.

3. Incorporate Relevant Designs

Encouraging people to attend your conference can be affected by how you present or package the event. This means that even in your promotion flyer, it is important to embody what the conference will be like. Without sacrificing the overall appearance of your flyer, you should use artworks, illustrations, and images that relate to the purpose of the conference. For example, use church-related artworks for worship conferences, professional images for corporate conferences, and so on.

4. Aim for an Eye-Catching Finish

You can achieve an eye-catching finish for your professional flyer by incorporating bright and captivating design elements. You should also make sure that the structure of your layout is comprehensive and neat, and choose a high-quality paper stock. But most importantly, hire a graphic designer that will allow you to translate your vision into reality and choose a printing company that can achieve your design effectively.

5. Include a Call to Action

Since there is no way for you to follow up with the people who you have personally given the flyer, it is important to include a Call to Action and the corresponding contact information. Through this, you can encourage your potential attendees to take action toward your goal or objective. When writing the Call to Action, it is important to remember to include encouraging words and phrases to make the invitation more sincere, enticing, and actionable.

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