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Unity amidst diversity. The significance of this concept is what anyone involved in a large group would want. Different roles, different individuals, but all for one purpose, and it all boils down to organizing strategically. Use our Cross-Functional Organizational Charts or organize your company or organization. Know what cross-functional team is and keep up with us by customizing our cross-functional organizational chart. We are offering a complete collection of organizational chart templates below that are downloadable, editable, and printable. Design it in landscape orientation style. Edit them using different file formats like Microsoft WordApple PagesAdobe PDF, and Google Docs. Subscribe and start making one now! 

What is a Cross-Functional Organizational Chart?

A cross-functional organizational chart is a strategy that increases cross-functional coordination, collaboration, communication, development, decision-making, and project management. It is the gateway to cross-functional gains.

How to Make a Cross-Functional Organizational Chart?

Cross-functional teams are groups consisted of employees working from different departments of a company. The benefits of having a cross-functional team in a company are: it promotes cohesion across the company and allows optimization of work to achieve goals faster. It encourages effective communication across teams or departments. If you are planning to make a cross-functional team now or if you already have one in your company, making the team's organization chart is an integral prerequisite to earn its benefits. Prepare one for your company now by following the steps below.

1. Identify the Cross-Functional Team

Know the people who make up your company's cross-functional team. Identify the departments involved in this team. Make a list of their names and positions. Get accurate information, not missing anyone, and anything. You will be able to determine the structure of the cross-functional team by completing this step.

2. Make the Chart

Determine the framework of your cross-functional organizational chart by referring to the structure of the cross-functional team. Outline your organizational chart template to suit the cross-functional team's organizational structure. Do this or get a free cross-functional organizational chart from our site and find the template that will perfectly fit your design. It has ready-made suggestive headings and contents and standard Google fonts for your convenience.

Input the information you gathered in step number one into the chart. Make sure you have included everyone from your list, and that everything is correct. Check if you have not committed misspellings and misplacements. Adjust the font size of your texts to make it more coherent. You can also customize the font style but ascertain to it that it is still legible.

4. Embellish your Chart

Complete your Organizational Chart by adding finishing touches. Make a creative chart by customizing your texts, text box, or background colors or use the featured design.

5. Consider Proofreading

Like in working with graphic and print templates, companies or organizations distribute these charts to an audience, and committing a mistake can be detrimental. For example, you cannot give your clients a business card that has one wrong digit in the contact information. Or you cannot hand out a job hiring flyer with the wrong room number and building name. Thus, consider proofreading your cross-functional organizational chart to avoid unpleasant circumstances, as mentioned earlier. Then save it as a PDF file to proceed ahead to print and distribute it traditionally or distribute digitally.