Creative Organizational Chart

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How to Make a Creative Organizational Chart?

An organizational chart sometimes called a hierarchy chart is a graphic presentation of the structure of an organization. It aims to demonstrate the relationships within the organization and the relative ranks of work positions. By looking at the org chart, individuals can quickly understand how the company is built, how many teams or levels it has, and where each worker fits into the organization. In the following paragraph, we have shared a comprehensive step-by-step guide that you can pursue as you make one. Study each step thoroughly and take down important notes if you like.

1. List Down Every Personnel

First, you have to establish a list of every staff in your company or else you can't produce a company organizational chart. Let us say that you are running a business hotel in your state. For you to have an org chart, you have to create a list of every employee you have in your company. Aside from their complete name, you also have to indicate their respective sales department so that it will be easy for you to categorize their level at work. Friendly tip: We highly suggest you make use of checklists if you want to achieve your work in an instant.

2. Categorize the Staff

It was mentioned in the previous step to create a list of every staff you have in your company so that it will be easy for you to categorize them. In this step, we will teach you how to classify your staff correctly. For instance, you are making an org chart for a university. Therefore, the flow of your presentation must be from the university president, board of directors, college dean, and the list goes on. You have to state the president at the top for we all know that he/she runs the administration and the following group of people depends on him/her.

3. Add Shapes

It depends on your creativity how and what shapes you want to use for your org chart. Traditionally, the circular shape is the most common shape that's been used by professionals. That's because when you use circles, you can easily distinguish the members of the organization. Remember not to limit yourself there. Think outside the box! You can have a square or rectangular shape if you like. You may also use other shape forms as long as the final output will look neat and organized, and most notably, the readers can easily understand the chart you made.

4. Add Splashing Colors

If you want to make your department organizational chart more creative, then it would be best if you to add splashing colors to it. But remember each color must represent a department. For example, the color green is for the financial team of your corporate company. Then the color blue is for the marketing department. Unleash your creativity as you set colors on your chart. But if you are too tired to do that, you may refer to the sample charts we have below. It already has pre-made designs and content. It is up to you to customize it according to your business needs.

5. Showcase your Work

Lastly, showcase your document. When we say showcase, it means you may present it via a creative PowerPoint presentation whenever you will be conducting a meeting with your team. Or you print it on a thick card paper stock and post it on the walls of your establishment.