Environment Organizational Chart

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As stewards of nature, humans are responsible for taking good care of the environment and its creatures. That’s why the environmental agency was created-- to manage our ecosystem and maintain a healthful ecology. And for that agency to function well, it needs an organizational structure. Create a clear organizational chart for your environmental agency using any of our Ready-Made Environment Organizational Chart Templates! Instantly get your copy in formats of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, PDF, or Google Docs. Are you worried about your limited devices? These editable templates are compatible with PC, tablet, iPad, and mobile phones! Download now and improve communication in your agency!

What Is an Environmental Organizational Chart?

An environmental organizational chart is a structural diagram of a specific organization. It lays down the rank, roles, and relationships of various positions and members in the organization that focuses on the field of environmental sciences or any event involving the environment.

How to Create an Environmental Organizational Chart?

Maintaining a healthy environment is an essential factor in giving people an excellent quality of life. According to the National Geographic Channel, 70% of people’s livelihood depends on natural resources. With this fact, we need competent individuals to ensure that our natural resources will not deplete.  

Design a creative organizational chart for your environmental agency successfully by following the steps we’ve compiled below. 

1. Start With a Template

A template will provide you a pre-determined structure for your organizational chart, thereby giving you convenience. You can easily search a suitable agency organizational chart template on the web, or you can browse from our wide selection of ready-made organizational templates.

2. Personalize the Template

Fill in your chosen department organizational chart template with your organization's personal information so you can make it a better fit for your organization's circumstances.  

3. Add Shape, Photos, and Lines

Your hierarchy organizational chart should consist of shapes, photos, and lines that connect relative data and information.

4. Rearrange Your Organizational Chart

If you’re not contented with your simple organizational chart, you can go through it again and make some adjustments. You can add names, positions, and other significant information to complete your chart.

5. Finalize It

What is important is that everyone in the team is aware of the different positions of each vital individual. You can either create a hard copy or share a soft copy on your organization’s webpage for everyone to see. Now, you’re ready to share your chart with your team and communicate its purpose. 


  • What is an organizational chart?

      An organizational chart, also known as organogram, is a diagram or a graphic representation of the hierarchy of ranks and roles in an organization. It’s a construction of the reporting relationship in the organization.

  • What are the four (4) types of organizational structures?

      The 4 types of organizational structures are:

      1. Functional
      2. Divisional
      3. Matrix
      4. Flat

  • What are the benefits of having an organizational chart for an environmental agency?

      The benefits of having an organizational chart for an environmental agency are as follows:

      1. It helps build a concrete organizational structure that assists in achieving the company's goals and objectives.

      2. It gives awareness to the various employees on their roles and responsibilities.

      3. It makes communication more convenient and faster.

      4. It establishes the function of various positions and departments.

      5. It serves as a roadmap for how a task should be communicated to various members.

  • What is the best type of organizational structure?

      According to the Business Dictionary, the best type of organizational structure is the functional type. This is because it’s a clear top-down flowchart that has a well-defined reporting structure.

  • Why is it important to have an organizational chart?

      It is essential to have an organizational chart because it guides the whole organization with decision-making and provides a flexible structure that is open for growth.