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What is a Gender Reveal Invitation?

Parents give gender reveal invitations to their guests to announce the gender of their baby or twins. Fiends and family will also like to know if the parents will have a boy or a girl. Sharing their excitement about their baby's gender to their friends and family is always a blessing.

How to Create a Gender Reveal Invitation?

Aside from a baby shower for your unborn child, you can also have a gender reveal party. Planning for your gender reveal party is always exciting. Make your gender reveal party blissful by sending beautiful invitations to your friends and family! Here are some tips for you to make your personalized gender reveal invitations:

1. Planning is Important

You need to plan your sample invitation and event. Planning makes things easier and faster to make. Have a list of the people that you want to invite on your gender reveal party. Plan when the event will be. Another thing, plan where the party will be. Do you want to make it personal by just having it on your home? Do you want to have it in a hotel? Do you want to have it on the beach? Find a place where you think is best for your gender reveal.

2. Invitation Contents

When you write, decide for a tone. How you write your wordings will give an impression to your guests about your party. If you are inviting your friends and your family, then you use a casual tone. Don't make it too formal. Just be straightforward and welcoming. Next, write your title and your greetings. You can be very creative as much as possible. You can write "Gender Reveal" or "Guns or Glitters" on your printable invitation. Another thing, write when your party will be. Specifically, write the date and time of the event. Also, don't forget to add the event's location. Although it will be on your humble home, for instance, it is safe to write your specific address.

3. Other Information

You can also add some information on your party invitation. For example, you want your guests to wear blue or pink, then can politely write it on your invitation. Another information you can add is your RSVP. Sometimes, there will be some instances when your guests cannot join your party. So, if you want to know if they can come or not, include RSVP. Write the details about your RSVP. If you want them to answer through phone call or email, provide the phone number and the email address.

4. Invitation Design

Designing for your event invitation is not that hard. You have a lot of options. You can choose for ideas online and search for a sample. In designing, you will have to incorporate the two genders. You can add blue and pink, a mermaid or a merman, a star, an elephant, or a bee. Your choices are limitless. You can make it cute, rustic, or vintage. It will all depend on your vision about how your event will look.

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