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What Is a Pitch Deck?

pitch deck template

A pitch deck is a brief presentation prepared by entrepreneurs to gain finance from investors. In your pitch deck, you can give a summary of your company, your business plans, and start-up visions of your business. You will usually use your pitch deck during a face-to-face meeting or even an online meeting with potential investors, partners, and co-founders. However, the difference between an entertaining pitch and an informal pitch is very thin, so you have to be really careful. To properly "pitch" your ideas, here are a few ideas:

1. Paint a Picture

Okay, you're not gonna sell anything if it isn't useful to give a problem. Talk about how problematic something is and how this problem is a problem that must be addressed. Did I mention you have to present a problem? Because you have to present a problem. Do you see what I'm getting here? The best marketing technique is not to sell products but to sell solutions through your products. And the best way to do that is to (I hope I've made myself clear at this point) present a problem.

2. Show Them the Product

Now that a problem has been established (or at least it should be at this point), it's time to show them the product in your creative pitch deck presentation. Discuss it to them, show them what it can do, what it's made of, even how it's made. Make sure you leave out no important details about this topic that can give hints about how this product is important. The thing here is for the investors to know your product almost as well as you do.

3. Give Your Solution

Now that they know what your product does, and they probably had a few hints now, give your solution. Rather, show the investors WHY your product is the solution. Show them in your modern pitch deck through demonstrations if you can, placards, even testimonies if you can. Sell to them the fact that your product is exactly what they need and that other solutions aren't as effective or have consequences (more on that below).

4. Give Market Statistics and Competitors

Now that you've got their attention, show them why your product and the solution it gives are superior to others in the market. Show them your high sales rates and compare your competitors to your solution. Show them how difficult it is to set up or how lackluster the results are or how hazardous it is to use other means, or even all three. The goal here is simple: your product is good, their product is bad. Make your solution better by showing how faulty the alternatives are.

5. Introduce Your Team and Financial Backup

All right, now that you have the attention of your investors with your product, one thing they'll be looking for its practicability. How will you make this happen? With your amazing and wonderful team of course! Show the company investors in your team—your financial secretary, your researchers for the latest trends, your spokesperson, a celebrity endorser if you can get one. Make sure that the investors are convinced that your product is good, better than all other solutions, can be stable in the market, and most importantly that you have a team who can make this a reality.

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