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What Is a Music Magazine?

A music magazine is a publication that contains music articles, artist interviews, and concert reviews. It can be about alternative, indie, rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, or rap music. The New Single Copy, a trade publication, said that between 2004 and 2014, the print sales of magazines decreased by more than 56%. However, it's never too late for your magazine because, PwC found out 62% of the magazine advertising revenue was from print products, in 2016.

How to Create a Music Magazine

Create the best music magazine for your business, with the tips below.

1. Develop an Eye-Catching Cover

A magazine cover is a crucial part of any magazine. When the music magazine front cover is eye-catching and beautiful, there's a high chance that you can sell it. Your cover will also represent your magazine as a whole. Its designs, colors, and elements will tell about your publication. 

For example, the Billboard magazine's covers have engaging, crafty, and modern looks that tell a lot about the magazines themselves. So, style your cover with colors and elements that make it unique and eye-catching. Most notably, it has to represent your business.

2. Add Pictures

Pictures will add to the vibe of your creative magazine. They keep your readers engaged with the content. Pick high-quality images for each content. 

3. Pick the Best Cover Article

Every modern magazine has a cover article. This cover article will compel people to read the magazine. You can cover about a famous artist, inform people about the best music industry careers, or teach about the music revolution in this era.

4. Write Good Body Articles

Beautiful and simple magazine covers and high-quality pictures aren't enough because well-written articles are must-haves, too. You need to invest in your articles. You can hire freelance writers to write for your magazine. 

5. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is always essential. No matter how far you want to go with the design, you have to keep it simple. A simple magazine with beautiful layouts and useful articles will surefire turn out great.


  • What is the best music magazine?

      There are many music magazines out there. But, some proved to be better than the others, in terms of sales, reader-engagement, and content. Below are some of them from Cision’s media database in 2017.

      1. Rolling Stone 
      2. Music Alive! 
      3. Music & Musicians 
      4. Modern Drummer 
      5. Big Shot
      6. Revolver 
      7. Relix 
      8. Jazz Times 
      9. Alternative Press
      10. Guitar World 
  • What is the longest-running magazine?

      The longest-running magazine that is still in circulation today is The Spectator, an English magazine which was published in 1828.

  • What is considered a magazine?

      You can consider a publication a magazine by looking at its content. A magazine engages readers through captivating images. It also has short content compared to a journal. Its contents are easy to comprehend and has ads.

  • What age group reads magazines the most?

      According to a Statista 2018 report, the age group that reads magazines most is 25 years old and below. 

  • What are the three types of periodicals?

      The three types of periodicals are trade, scholarly, and popular.

  • What are the three types of periodicals?

      The three types of periodicals are trade, scholarly, and popular.