According to business experts, the demand for mobile applications and software products will spike in the following years and comes with it is the demand for quality assurance (QA) testers. As an applicant for the said profession, you must write your cover letter professionally as this document is crucial to your job application. To help you out, check our site for various QA Tester Cover Letter Templates. These templates are professionally written, 100% customizable, and multi-format. Use one of these templates as your cover letter and surely, you will land that dream job you have been longing. Subscribe to our subscription plans now and good luck to your job hunting! 

What is a QA Tester Cover Letter?

The cover letter outlines the applicant’s qualifications and interest in the open position. As a QA tester applicant, the cover letter should also emphasize your credentials relative to the said position. As stated by Investopedia, your cover letter is your ultimate tool that explains why you are the best candidate for the position. The way you write your cover letter determines whether you can take the next step of the application process.

How to Write a QA Tester Cover Letter

A well-crafted cover letter is perhaps your best way to present yourself and express your interest in the vacant position. To give you insights on how to write one, check our tips below.

1. Know the Vacant Position

This tip may sound given when writing a cover letter. However, many entry-level applicants fail to formulate an engaging cover letter because they don’t have adequate knowledge of the vacant position.

2. Know Your Potential Employer

Make sure to know your potential employer’s complete company name, address, and contact person’s complete name and designation. Use these pieces of information when addressing your potential employer.

3. Write Your Resume

Before writing your cover letter, make sure to write your resume first. Keep in mind that the pieces of information of the resume should be the same in your cover letter. It would be best to prepare your resume first as your guidance in writing your cover letter.

4. Write Your Cover Letter

After completing your resume and gathering your potential employer’s data, you can start writing your cover letter. When emphasizing your qualifications and credentials in the cover letter, make sure to keep it simple, concise, and short. You may use our sample cover letter templates for your guidance.

5. Proofread Your Cover Letter

Don’t forget to proofread your cover letter. Check for misalignment of margins, typographical errors, and sentence inconsistency in your cover letter before sending it to an IT company. You may ask someone to proofread it as a second checkpoint.

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