The job of secretaries is nothing to look down upon. Their responsibilities require them to exercise their skills in organizing and managing. That said, their work-life is dynamic and challenging on a daily basis. So if you're currently pursuing for a secretarial position, you should definitely go for it. It's a decent career. When you apply, make sure to submit a winning cover letter with the aid of our editable Secretary Cover Letter Templates. These ready-made letter documents will help you land a secretarial job due to its enticing messages. An employer reading them will certainly consider your application. Start pursuing your professional career as a secretary by downloading these cover letter templates now! 

What is a Secretary Cover Letter?

A secretary cover letter is a type of letter submitted by an aspiring secretary (applicant) to an employer's office. The letter contains a message about what makes the applicant worthy of the secretarial position. The applicant writes about his/her background and professional experience in the cover letter.

How to Create a Secretary Cover Letter

The annual salary of administrative secretaries ranges from $20,000 to $45,000, with $30,000 as the average. As you can see, working as a secretary is quite decent if we're talking about the financial aspect. This profession is enough to earn a good living and save up for retirement in the long run. So go ahead and submit your resume to an employer. However, before you do so, make sure to write a quality cover letter by referring to our guide below.

1. Address the Employer

Since the letter is intended for the employer, or in most cases the HR manager, you should address him/her in the letter for formalities. By doing so, you're inviting the employer to read the contents of your cover letter. Make sure to address the employer according to his/her proper title, such as Mr., Ms., Atty. (for law offices), Dr. (for medical offices), etc.

2. Talk About Your Credentials

Your credentials will be the main factor whether the employer will hire you as a secretary or not. So make sure to elaborate on them in your cover letter. You can enumerate or mention your educational attainment, your postgraduate education, your previous job experience, and other achievements. Make sure that they're in-line with the general job descriptions of a secretarial job.

3. Adopt a Formal Tone

Remember that your cover letter is considered as a formal document. That said, you have to adopt a formal tone when writing it. Don't talk to the employer as if he/she is a close friend of whom you can speak informally.

4. Keep It Straightforward

When writing your cover letter, don't stray away from the topic regarding the eligibility of your application. Keep it straightforward. You must only talk about the things that justify your reason for pursuing the secretarial position. Moreover, see to it to make your language is simple. Avoid using uncommon words that aren't easily understandable, similar to the rules when making contracts. To sum it all up, write only about the things that an employer wants to know regarding your background.

5. Arrange the Format

Before you print your cover letter, make sure that the arrangement of its format is according to the standards of formal letters. Each section of the letter must be at its proper place. In addition, take some time to review it and check for some typos and errors that ruin the message you're conveying. After you've done everything that needs to be done, you can start printing it and place it inside an envelope afterward for submission, together with your professional resume.

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