Management Meeting Minute Templates

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Running a business or organization is easier said than done, especially when it comes to large entities. Because of this, hiring various management personnel is necessary for leading different teams. However, in-depth meetings are also involved when ensuring effective management output. So, get the most out of your discussions by downloading our Management Meeting Minutes Templates and putting together post-event reports! Use our easily editable content and quickly write notes about school staff meetings, retail store meetings, and more. And no matter which software you use, you’re not left out since each template is downloadable in various formats,. Download today and get 100% customizable management meeting minutes samples!

What Are Management Meeting Minutes?

As explained in an article from The Balance (a business-focused resource), these documents contain several kinds of information compiled after a meeting. They contain details like the agendas, action items, venues, and so on. Management meeting minutes, in particular, are for discussions regarding managerial staff or management-related work.

How to Write Management Meeting Minutes

Are you preparing printable or digital notes for your own company’s management conference? If so, then have a read through our tips (below) and find out how to effectively put one together in no time!

1. Consider Your Tool for Writing Management Meeting Notes

During the discussion, you need an adequate medium for taking down notes. Things like laptops and tablet computers are always viable for a digital option. There’s also the simpler route of using pen and paper. So, before the meeting even takes place, talk with your boss or the meeting’s chairperson and find out if a specific option is needed.

However, if you do end up going high-tech, it’s advisable that you bring traditional writing material as a backup. You never know when a malfunction might get in the way!

2. Focus on What Really Matters During the Management Meeting

When the meeting starts, take note of who’s present, as well as any absentees. Using an attendance sheet is a good idea here.

Pay attention to the various comments and opinions stated during the discussion. While it’s not necessary to focus on every tiny detail, what does matter is getting the main idea behind the words.

Certain actions are also worth noting in the management meeting. Some examples of these are votes on office renovation funding and proposals for employee management projects.

3. Title Your Management Meeting Minutes with Something Descriptive

Once it’s time for drafting the meeting minutes, it’s important that you give it an appropriate title at the top of your document. When considering what to write, add the company’s name along with the meeting’s main topic.

So, go with something like “John Doe Inc. - Business Committee Meeting” or “Jane Doe Co. - Manager Team Discussion.” And remember to make the title stand out by giving it large and bold text.

4. Arrange Your Meeting Minutes’ Contents Using Grid Tables

When listing down the attendees, agendas, meeting time, action items, etc., grid tables are always good for a meeting minutes’ design. By using some well-arranged tables, not only are your meeting notes more readable, but they’re also more pleasing to the eye.

And with that, you now have a better grasp on making reports about management meetings! Don’t forget that we also have professional Management Meeting Minutes Templates for expediting your writing process.


  • When drafting management meeting minutes, which applications are suitable?

      For a list of viable applications, there’s:

      1. MS Word
      2. Apple Pages
      3. Google Docs
  • Why create meeting minutes after a management-related discussion?

      Meeting minutes work well as distributable notes and reminders, sent to attendees (and absentees) of a management discussion. They highlight the main takeaways from the meeting and even act as logs for future reference.

  • What type of information is commonly found in management meeting minutes?

      You usually find the following in management meeting minutes:

      1. Document title (with the company name and main topic)
      2. Meeting time and venue
      3. Attendees
      4. Topics and agendas
      5. Action items
  • Which page size is used for writing management meeting minutes?

      Generally, US letter size is used when creating management meeting minutes.

  • Do management meeting minutes need approval before finalizing or distributing?

      Yes, the meeting’s chairperson is usually tasked with reviewing and approving the notes in management meeting minutes.