Trustee Meeting Minute Templates

Use’s Free Trustee Meeting of Minutes Templates to Document All Information during Your Board of Trustees’ Meeting. You Can Use Each Template for a Finance Committee, Church, Charitable Trust, Directors, and Boards of Committee Meetings. These Templates Are Ideal for a Charity or Non-profit and Any Business Organization. Each Template Has Sample Content That Will Guide You All the Way!See more

  • In business, there are times when someone is granted administrative power to fulfill a particular obligation. These individuals are trustees, and important discussions are held when it comes to matters concerning them. For such discussions, post-event documentation is imperative when summarizing the main takeaways. So, allow us to assist your paperwork with our 100% customizable Trustee Meeting Minutes Templates. Use our professional samples and quickly put together a document containing your meeting’s agendas, resolutions, and more. What’s more, our content comes available in many file formats, letting you work in your preferred software. Download today—discuss your organization’s leadership roles more effectively by using our original templates!

    What Are Trustee Meeting Minutes?

    An article from The Balance (a resource for business and careers) explains that meeting minutes are documents containing notes taken during a meeting or other similar discussion. These documents are stored as official logs and often distributed to relevant parties (such as the meeting’s participants) as written reminders. And so, meeting minutes are especially useful when discussing matters about granting and managing trustee roles.

    How to Make Trustee Meeting Minutes

    Meeting minutes are easy enough to compose on your own. However, if you’d like some tips on making the most of your document, then continue reading down below.

    1. Effectively Take Notes in the Trustee Meeting

    There’s a fair bit of variety when it comes to writing your notes in a meeting. A company often provides laptops for work purposes like this. Other times, when there’s more freedom granted, a handheld tablet or even a smartphone is used by the assistant.

    And then, of course, there’s the more traditional route that involves a simple pen and some paper. So, even when using a company laptop or your own gadget is required, bringing a backup notebook is always a good idea.

    2. Begin the Trustee Meeting with an Attendance Check

    Another part of pre-meeting preparation is creating a simple attendance sheet. Taking note of who’s around is required, as this information is always included in any meeting minutes document.

    Once the business meeting starts, pass the sheet around. Make sure that both the attendees’ names and signatures are given.

    3. Pay Close Attention to Statements in the Trustee Meeting

    Focus on the comments and opinions that each participant gives about the trustee discussion. While writing down every small detail isn’t required, remember that summarizing a statement’s main idea is the most important thing.

    Along with the comments, major actions and occurrences are also worth noting. For example, a proposal for a new leadership role is relevant to your meeting minutes.

    4. Putting Together Your Trustee Meeting Minutes

    The first part that needs your attention is the document’s title. Write down something that’s simple yet informative—like “Board Directors Annual Meeting” or “Trustee Assignment for Charity Project.” Also, make the title more noticeable by giving it large and bold font.

    As for the various details about the meeting (agendas, time, date, etc.), list them all down by using grid tables. Ensure the document looks presentable by formatting the text and coloring the cells.

    And with that, you now have a better understanding of preparing trustee meeting logs! Don’t forget that we also have easily editable Trustee Meeting Minutes Templates for improving your work.


  • Who is assigned with the task of writing trustee meeting minutes notes?

      A secretary, assistant, or scribe is usually tasked with taking notes during a trustee meeting.

  • Why use trustee meeting minutes?

      Meeting minutes are very useful when creating a reference log about a trustee meeting. They also serve well as meeting takeaway reminders for those who were (and weren’t) in the discussion.

  • Which applications are good for composing trustee meeting minutes?

      The following are a few examples of this:

      1. MS Word
      2. Google Docs
      3. Apple Pages
  • Do trustee meeting minutes need approval before being finalized or distributed?

      Yes, the document often needs reviewing by the meeting’s host or chairperson.

  • Which page sizes are used in writing trustee meeting minutes?

      Generally, A4 and US letter are used when creating trustee meeting minutes.