Sports Appreciation Certificate Templates

Create a Professional Sports Appreciation Certificate Design Online with’s Free Sports Appreciation Certificate Templates. Choose from Editable, Customizable, and Printable Samples with Fillable Sports Academy Name, Certificate Title, Recipient Name, Location, Date, Signature, and Reason for the Award.See more

Free Sports Appreciation Certificate Template, Printable, Download

Reward athletes who display extraordinary skills in sports with’s free printable sports appreciation certificate templates from our collection of certification documents and official documents. Choose from different professional designs with original text and customizable vectors, borders, and backgrounds. Pick your preferred sports appreciation certificate sample for participation, recognition, or valuable player award for school sports, college sports, sports day, volleyball, or basketball tournaments.

Customize Certificate of Appreciation in Sports Online for Free and Download

Get your sports appreciation certificate templates in blank, unique, modern, or creative designs in high resolution layouts for sports academies, universities, or sportspersons. Present as a sports award for cricket, basketball, baseball, or other kinds of sports. Customize further using our handy graphic editor tool to modify or upload your own choice of images, illustrations, colors, backgrounds, text, or fonts. Download for free as a PDF or PNG file.


  • Are appreciation certificates considered as awards?

      Yes, appreciation certificates are awards. This is because appreciation certificates are given to a recipient as a way of acknowledging or recognizing his/her excellence or dedication towards something. 

  • What are the contents of an appreciation certificate?

      The following are the elements of a standard appreciation certificate's:

      1. Name and logo of the organization presenting the certificate
      2. Title of the certificate (Certificate of Appreciation) 
      3. Recipient's full name
      4. Description of the recipient's excellence or achievement
      5. Name and signature of authorized superiors and executives.
  • What type of paper should be used for printing certificates?

      There are several commendable paper materials for certificate printing. However, the most common and considered by many as the best stationery for printing certificates is parchment paper. 

  • What's the difference between an appreciation certificate and a recognition certificate?

      There's really not much difference between an appreciation certificate and a recognition certificate. Both of them are documents that acknowledge the recipient's significant feat.

  • What's the best way to preserve certificates?

      Certificates hold value and are enough to keep the receiver proud of their achievements. With that said, it's important to properly store them to preserve the quality. One of the best ways to do that is by laminating them or by placing them inside a picture frame.