Sports Vouchers Templates

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What is a Sports Voucher?

Sports Vouchers are custom vouchers (commonly known as gift cards) used by sports-oriented businesses to promote their products and services through discounts and valuable offers. Among the sports-oriented businesses utilizing sports vouchers are gyms offering fitness programs, golf course facilities, stores selling primary sports gears such as basketball shoes, ballet schools offering ballet lessons to children, obstacle course facilities that cater school activities (PE class), and even travel agencies that offer extreme sports inclusions.

How to Create a Sports Voucher

sports voucher template

Creating a sports voucher is not as easy as encoding texts for a document then printing it afterward. It requires a bit of artistic prowess, and of course knowledge about the sports products and services you're promoting. With that in mind, we have gathered a few tips on how to create an effective and elegant complimentary voucher

1. Use Quality Software and Tools

The overall physical quality of your sports voucher might depend on what software you're using. The best software to use are Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and Publisher. The reason why you should opt to use one of them is that they're user-friendly. Even if you're not an expert in designing vouchers, you can accomplish creating a sports voucher because of their user-friendliness. Plus they have all the right features to enable you to personalize your sports voucher as much as you can. 

2. Give Emphasis to Its Value

The most important text found on your gift voucher is information conveying its value. They must be emphasized in a way that they're the most recognizable info. You can capitalize on each letter and set it to bold. You can also use artistic fonts if you see it fit. e.g., Basketball Shoes 50% Off, 25% Off For Every Gym Session)

3. Attach Relevant Images

The type of images you'll attach to your money voucher will depend on what you're promoting or selling. For instance, if it's a discount for a ballet lesson, then you can attach images of children performing ballet. You can download images from the internet, make sure that they're stock free to avoid copyright strikes. Or better yet, you can take photos of your sports products and services using a high-quality camera.  

4. Make Enhancements

Remember that a voucher must have a bit of artistic flair. So consider making enhancements if you see it fit. Choose color schemes for your sports voucher that fits well. For example, ballet lessons are quite feminine than masculine; hence, you can opt to use a white and pink color scheme. For sports vouchers offering discounts for basketball and football gear, you can use designs that have masculinity since it's mostly men who play basketball and football.   

5. Implement an Expiration Date

All unique vouchers must have an expiration date, especially if its in correlation with a season such as Christmas. The ultimate purpose of expiration dates is to entice customers to redeem their value as soon as possible, which then means more revenue in a short period.