Having a sponsor for any sports event is going to be a great help. You will get the help you need, and at the same time, you're helping the sponsor, as well, which is a win-win situation. But if you need help in writing a sports sponsorship letter, don't worry, we have a set of Sports Sponsorship Letter Templates! These templates are 100% customizable and are professionally written. They are printable, too. Using a letter will surely help you save time and write easily. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

What Is a Sports Sponsorship Letter?

A sports sponsorship letter is a document that an individual or sports team writes to a prospect sponsor. The sender requests money or donations from the sponsor. The letter includes the benefits both parties will get from the sponsorship.

How to Write a Sports Sponsorship Letter

In 2017, about 19% of people in the U.S. were into sports and exercise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also aside from that, there are a lot of sports events that you, as an athletic individual or your sports team, can join in. But sometimes your budget may not be enough to provide for sportswear, travel fees, and other materials you may need for the sports event. So, a donation request to a sponsor can help you reach your goal. To help you write a sports sponsorship letter, you may refer to the generic tips below.

1. Introduce Yourself or Your Team

Start your sample letter by introducing who you are or your team. This will help the sponsor know you. Share what sports you're into like football, basketball, golf, and others.

2. Note Your Accomplishments

If you want to impress your sponsor, then it's best to add accomplishments to the formal letter. You may add how many times you won, how hard-working your team is, the charities you've helped, and others. By sharing these things, the sponsor will realize that they won't be wasting their money with you.

3. Go Into Detail About What You Need

In your simple letter, it's essential to go into details about what you need. Write a letter requesting what you want from the sponsor. Do you need new jerseys, food, or travel fees? Make sure that you itemize them, so the sponsor will know where the money is going.

4. Lay Stress on the Benefits

A sponsorship letter is a two-way street. You will get something from it, and your sponsor should have something, as well. Explain what the sponsor will get from sponsoring you or your team. Emphasize how you will recognize the sponsor during the event on the printable letter. You may mention that you will print their logo on your uniform for more publicity, for example, or give them a space to advertise during the sports event.

5. Be Polite

Your letter's tone is just as important as the content of your letter. Your recipient will recognize if you're respectful or not in the letter. So, to show respect, make sure that you will be polite. Don't force them to sponsor you, and a request is a right term for that.

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