How to Cite Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint has a citing feature to help Microsoft users cite sources for their bibliographies, research, and other profound presentations. Whether you opt to cite your paper in MLA, APA, or Chicago style, this tutorial will help you know the difference between each style or format mentioned. how-to-cite-microsoft-powerpoint-presentation

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How to Cite Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

You can certainly use credible Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in the works cited section of any research or study. And how such presentations are cited would depend on whether it is MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association, or Chicago style format; learn how to cite PPT presentations according to these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the PPT File and Gather Info

    Head to MS PowerPoint and open the specific PPT presentation that you want to cite. Then, click the “File” option on the upper left menu followed by “Open.” Once the PPT file you need to cite is opened, gather the essential information about that presentation. The five important details to cover are the name of the author/s of the presentation, the title of the presentation, the date of presentation/publication, where the presentation was shown/place of publication, and the URL of that presentation.


  • Step 2: Cite PPT in MLA Format

    For the MLA format, follow this structure: Author Last Name, First Name. Presentation Title. Month Year, URL. PowerPoint Presentation. Take note of the italicized words, capitalization, commas, and periods carefully.

  • Step 3: Cite PPT in APA StyleHow to Cite Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Step 3

    When it comes to APA style, brackets and parentheses are evident. You can observe this APA structure: Author or Presenter Last Name, Middle Initial. First Initial. (Date of publication). Title of presentation [PowerPoint presentation]. Conference Name, Location. URL.

  • Step 4: Cite PPT in Chicago StructureHow to Cite Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation - Step 4

    The Chicago style follows this format: Author Last Name, First Name. “Presentation Title.” Lecture, Location of Lecture, Month Day, Year. And it is notable for its set of quotation marks and for being shorter than the other two structures.


How do you cite a PowerPoint with no author?

Without having any background about the PowerPoint presentation’s author, ensure to provide the full title of the presentation only.

How do you cite a PowerPoint without a publication or presentation date?

If there is no date for the PowerPoint presentation, use the “n.d.” initials, which means “no date”.

Can I use PowerPoint for citations?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations for citations, especially when you are presenting reports, research papers, and publications from credible and verified authors.

Do you need to cite in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation?

Yes, you need to cite your work in MS PowerPoint presentations to give credit to the authors you used as references, to validate your information, as well as to help your readers easily locate your bibliography.

How do you cite a PowerPoint in a research paper?

In citing PowerPoint presentations in a research paper, you may use either of the APA, MLA, or Chicago style formats.

How do you cite a teacher’s PowerPoint in APA?

APA style suggests that you follow this format: Last name, first initials of the author. (year of publication). Title of PowerPoint presentation [PowerPoint slides].