How to Duplicate a Form in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms offers users the convenience of setting up their completed form as a template. This allows them to reuse a similar form construction for a similar purpose, which could be, for example, an employee follow-up feedback form or an annual customer survey.

How to Duplicate a Form in Microsoft Forms

You won’t have to hassle yourself with typing from start to finish as MS Forms allows you to duplicate your form with ease. This is an efficient method to create a copy of your pre-made form without having to manually transfer each question or section into a newer blank form.

  • Step 1: Open Your Form

    The first step you would need to do is to access your MS Forms account either from a preferred web browser or mobile device. After inputting your credentials and selecting the specific form you want to duplicate, open it. Double-check whether or not it is the form you have in mind.

  • Step 2: Generate Link for Sharing

    If the ‘Collaborate or Duplicate’ button is not visible in Microsoft Forms, use the ‘Share’ button in the form instead. Proceed to the opened panel and select ‘Get a link to replicate’ under Share as a template.

  • Step 3: Paste the Link and Duplicate


    After you have generated and copied the link, what you need to do is paste it onto your preferred web browser’s URL. Click on the button ‘Duplicate It’. This will then open up your current window or the current form to the newer form. You will know it is the duplicated form as the form title will have the word ‘copy’ with the original title.

  • Step 4: Change the Content

    Since you now have the duplicated form, you may want to update parts of the form. This could be either the title, the description, or even certain sections or questions within the form.


Can Microsoft Forms have more than one owner?

Yes, but only if you are the original owner of a form may you transfer ownership to a group to which you belong and not have the option to share it if you are not the owner.

How many responses can Microsoft Forms have?

Businesses and educators have the accessibility to use Microsoft Forms to build and store in their Forms portal up to 400 forms and receive up to 50,000 answers.

Can I save Microsoft Forms and continue later?

Microsoft forms presently lack the ‘Save and resume later’ functionality which requires answers to be submitted as soon as respondents began to answer the form.

Do Microsoft Forms save automatically?

The form automatically saves, and a save indication in the top left corner indicates completion as long as you have a steady internet connection, regardless if you are making it on a web browser or mobile device.

How do I edit an existing form in Microsoft teams?

After you have opened your MS teams, click Forms at the bottom of your Teams app, then ‘Edit’ if you want to make changes or ‘Send’ if you are ready to post it.