How to Edit Images in Microsoft Sway

Although Microsoft Sway has a lot of tools that you can use when it comes to make a more visually appealing output, these tools given are actually quite easy to understand and use. Moreover, unlike Adobe Photoshop or some other photo editing applications, Microsoft Sway actually focuses on how to present the images in a clearer, more natural way,

How to Edit Images in Microsoft Sway

Editing images in Microsoft Sway will need you to make use of a a few card techniques which will be further discussed below.

  • Step 1: “Automatic” Groupings for your Images

    47d5c44760ae4f4c906f8d6f0b4e826ba946262aMake sure that you have your photos ready in your “Storyline.” With this, click “+” to add an “Image” card and drag or upload any of your desired image–you can do this repeatedly until all of your images are on your page, just remember to have one image per card. Then, on the top left corner of your page, click the “Cards” pane to see the drop-down menu bringing you to the “Automatic” icon and click it.

  • Step 2: “Stack” Cards for your Images

    97f499457913c03c1649334ba2a93a79f2f2178cThe second technique is called “Stacking” since this happens when you click the “Cards” pane on the top left portion of your screen to further tap the “Stack” icon from its drop-down menu. With this, you can drag selected multiple images onto your card and stack these on top of each other. If you will be having this option, you can easily click on this to slide to the next photo.

  • Step 3: “Slideshow” Mode for your Images

    4071e92838ec889872ce3bd667dded723a44b183The third technique is quite simple since it’s what you typically see in a “Play” mode in your Sway presentation. Just click the same “Card” pane and scroll down to see the “Slideshow” option and click it. With this, you can see your photos in its highest resolution through a full screen.

  • Step 4: Collecting Images using a “Grid”

    4ed493717b77c85b6f148a3971244852418964abThe last is using the “Groupings” option which is still found under the “Card” pane. Once you have clicked this option, your images will automatically be displayed through a grid-type format.

  • note-iconNote

    Remember that you can only do any of the four aforementioned techniques when you have Microsoft 365 fully installed in your computer. If you are using Microsoft Sway though the web, these features will not be present.



    Can You Put Images in Microsoft Sway?

    Yes. Microsoft Sway offers a variety of ways on how and which images you want to insert in your output. You can select images from its automatic search results or upload your very own images.

    How to Insert Your Images in Your Sway?

    You can insert your images in your Sway presentation by clicking on “Suggested” pane to tap the “My Device” Option.

    How to Design in Your Microsoft Sway?

    You can design your Sway presentation by going on a “Design” mode to navigate through the additional tools needed to design or style your work.

    How to Start Editing in Sway?

    You can start editing your Sway by clicking the template you have chosen from the homepage and tap the “Start editing this Sway” option.

    How to Make My Sway Look Appealing?

    You can make your Sway presentation look appealing by playing around with the designing tools provided by the application. Just remember to make your output readable as well.