How to Fix Microsoft Whiteboard When it is Not Working

Microsoft Whiteboard is a program developed by Microsoft Office to suit the need for users to freely write or jot down notes. Any program made and developed will have bugs and coding issues that will cause unforeseen errors and crashes when the program is going to be used. how-to-fix-microsoft-whiteboard-when-it-is-not-working

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How to Fix Microsoft Whiteboard When it is Not Working

Microsoft Whiteboard may sometimes have an issue when connecting with the online servers of Microsoft Office, as it relies on the server to work. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by ensuring the user’s local firewall has allowed Microsoft Whiteboard access to the internet.

  • Step 1: Open Firewall


    To start this fix, the user must first access the control panel of their current PC or laptop. By pressing the “Windows + R” key on the keyboard, the user will be able to open the run panel.

  • Step 2: Access Control Panel


    The run panel allows the user to type out the name of a program and run it on the PC or Laptop. After the user has opened the run panel, they will need to type the word “control” in the empty field and press the “OK” button.

    Step 3: Open Windows Firewall Defender


    When the user has clicked the “OK” button, the Control Panel will open as a separate window. The user will need to access the Windows Defender Firewall option, which can be entered by clicking the “Windows Defender Firewall” button on the window.


  • Step 4: Access the Allow an App or Feature Through the Windows Defender Firewall Window

    In this window, the user can adjust and edit their preferences when it comes to the local firewall of their PC or laptop. To allow Microsoft Whiteboard to interact with the internet, they will need to press the “Allow an app or feature through the Windows Defender Firewall” button on the left side of the screen.

  • Step 5: Allow Microsoft Whiteboard

    After the user has clicked the button, the user can now adjust and allow specific programs to interact with the net. Select the Microsoft Whiteboard App from the list, and check all the boxes to let it go through the firewall.


How do I reset Microsoft Whiteboard?

You can reset Microsoft Whiteboard by first going to the settings dropdown that is accessed by pressing the three dots on the top right corner, then selecting the “Advanced Options” button, and finally clicking the “Reset” button.

Why does my Microsoft Whiteboard not appear when I am using Microsoft Teams?

This might be due to a specific option being disabled in the Teams Admin Center; ask either your IT or Team Lead to enable the Allow whiteboard option.

Why can’t I draw on a Microsoft Whiteboard?

You can apply a quick fix by pressing the settings option located on the top right of the window and checking if the toggle active pen option is ticked on; if that option is enabled, tick the option off, exit the window, and select a new pen to draw with,

Why does Microsoft Whiteboard take so long to load?

One of the latest updates Microsoft Office has pushed recently caused a couple of latency issues to arise, so if this is occurring, please update your Microsoft Whiteboard to the most recent version available.

How do I know if Microsoft Whiteboard’s servers are down?

Since Microsoft Whiteboard relies on its servers to work, you can check the current status of any Microsoft Office programs on their official service status website.