How to Insert/Update Microsoft Word into Excel

The ability to insert file objects into one another is one of the fantastic capabilities provided by the Office Suite. You can insert or update a Word document into Microsoft Excel. update-microsoft-word-into-excel

How to Insert/Update Microsoft Word into Excel

When working with your Excel spreadsheets, it is possible that you will need to insert Word documents. A Word document can be added to or updated in Microsoft Excel.

  • Step 1: Launch Microsoft Excel

    Open Microsoft Excel on a computer. If you want to insert the Word file into an existing Excel workbook, go to File, then click Open. Select the worksheet into which you want to insert your Word file.

  • Step 2: Go to Insert Menu


    Click on the Insert menu on the ribbon. After that, choose Text and then select Object. You can now add multiple documents to your worksheet. You would be able to add or include Word, PowerPoint presentations, Bitmap images, Adobe documents, and a variety of other materials to the list of objects.

  • Step 3: Choose the File to Insert


    Choose the Word document from among the list of objects you want to add. You have the option of adding a new file or an already-existing one. Click on Create from File, then Browse and select the file you want to insert. Click OK to add your file to the sheet once you are certain that everything is perfect>how-to-insertupdate-microsoft-word-into-excel-note-1

  • Step 4: Update and Save


    You can now work with the inserted file to make necessary adjustments or updates and display it correctly inside the spreadsheet. One of the greatest solutions is to disable the gridlines that are unnecessary in a Word document inserted into the Excel worksheet. Save your workbook when you’re done.


How do I insert Word documents into an Excel workbook on Mac?

Select the Insert tab. Move to the Select Object option and choose Insert Object. To insert an existing file, select the From File option or choose Microsoft Word Document to create a new file. Then, click OK.

Can I insert Word attachments instead of a Word document in Excel?

Yes. You can also include a Word attachment in Excel, just like how you insert a Word document. This is the same as just adding the Word document to the spreadsheet but in the form of a link or attachment.

Can I copy a Word table directly to Excel?

Definitely. Choose the rows and columns of the table in Microsoft Word that you want to copy to Excel. Press Ctrl + C, then go to the Excel worksheet, click on an empty cell where you want to put the table, and press Ctrl + V. For format adjustments, click Paste Options next to the data you pasted, and click on Match Destination Formatting to use the applied worksheet cells’ formatting, or click on Keep Source Formatting to use the Word table formatting.